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Thread: Lion's Arch

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickJones View Post
    Thanks so much for the very well written and detailed response, that helps tremendously.
    From the brief ~ 2 - 2.5 hours I played during the 2nd to last stress test, I was, let's just say overwhelmed with knowing what to do and where to go. I think 'M' on my keyboard will be my go-to buddy.
    There's so many vendors too, from general merchants, to repair guys, to crafting and those renown heart (karma) merchants. Options, options! :)
    All I know, is that I'm going with a Guardian and I'm torn between Norn and Charr for race. Norn for the owl and snow leopard utility, or Charr for shrapnel mine and charzooka. I think both would compliment a Guardian for those 'oh crap' moments.
    Oh I know your pain. I'm also new to MMOs so that first beta weekend I was completely overwhelmed. I was even trying to play with someone, also new to MMOs, and the problems with overflow servers just added to our constant state of confusion. I didn't actually like the game at the end of that weekend it was so bad. But more playing time and lots of reading later I really love it. It just has a steep learning curve.

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    Aurora Glade


    You'll be moaning about noobs and taking names in no time guys :P

    Nah, it may seem a bit overwhelming at first but if you just take it slow and start by exploring your surroundings in your starter zone you'll get the game's geography down pretty fast I suspect.

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    I personally am delighted to be in a world so new and exciting that it overwhelms me. I would suggest to enjoy the chaos and wonder, because you will seldom feel this way again after you've gotten used to the world. I saw various posts about GW1 where people were feeling nostalgic and reminiscing the wonder they felt in pre-searing when they started GW1, knowing that they could never--figuratively and literally--go back.

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    Re: Lion's Arch

    I didn't figure out LA myself until my 3rd character. It worked out well because after I already run 2 humans through Queensdale, I was getting tired of the hearts and wanted to try some of the other areas. It's kind of a pain running back and forth for the personal quests but it's a nice change for the hearts.

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