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    Cold Steel Brigade

    The Charr have the Flame legion and the Ghosts. They have two enemies, not just one.

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    Re: Interesting finds/comments/etc... aka random stuff ingame

    Oh yeah... forgot about them...

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    My biggest gripe is weapons with default/general skins. It doesn't take me long to accidentally sell them (probably not soulbound as I don't use them that often).

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    You need a safe box for them, then. Time to hit the craft tables!

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    I have one (8 slot tough) but Warrior has plenty of weapons.

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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    So I was lurking in the Priory library, as one does, reading books. I found some stuff from our beloved NPCs of times bygone. I also found a tale about a pirate Asura, Long-Eared Lexx I believe it was.

    I'm not sure what species authored it, but while it told me of the great friendship between the author and the Asura, I got the distinct feeling it was bordering on something more ifyoucatchmydrift...

    Which felt ALL kinds of awkward to read, and after that I had to leave.

    (Fair play to Arenanet for being able to write a short snippet capable of making me seriously question what I'd just intruded upon.)
    Dea Draconis Friendship is Magic Dea Felidae

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    The Singing Pirate.

    Singing his version of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Major-General's Song". LOL LOL LOL

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    I equipped a wand mainhand and when I equipped a focus offhand my weapon dmg under the attack stat decreased... I guess it calculates it by averaging the max dmg of the weapons. It doesn't affect the dmg of the mainhand though.

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    It's starting to bother me that it's practically impossible to try skill challenges solo. I waited and looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone in sight... I start the challenge and a mob of players appears out of nowhere to roflstomp the enemy. All the player "help" is starting to completely suck the fun out of the game. Story missions are becoming the only fun parts since no roaming mobs will kill everything before I get two hits in.

    In contrast, there have been a few of times that I find myself in a fast respawn area being surrounded by enemies and players will just run by since you were nice enough to distract the enemies so they don't have to fight...

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    I hadn't noticed that the character select screen shows headgear and shoulders on your character even if you logged off with them not showing ingame.

    Edit: Hmmm... guess I should've added as edit to prior post... sorry

    Edit part deux: Shadow Fiends blink... for some reason that made me laugh... that is all...

    Edit tres: Charr look like funny while the fall
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