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    Exclamation New? READ [Rules + FAQ]

    Before posting a new thread.

    I ask only 2 things from every member.
    • Use the search function of the forums to check if your question has been asked/answered recently
    • Read the other stickies, especially if it's related to your question

    Things to keep in mind.

    • Try to list any details which you think would help us help you.
    • You can try looking on the Official Wiki for your answer.
    • The manual may be able to help you too, they are downloadable from the official site


    • All posts are subject to the general forum rules.
      • Additional: No belittling other members. We were all newbies once.
      • Additional: No double posting within the one hour edit limit.
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    If anyone has any further questions to add or can fill in any gaps that I've either blindly missed or have been forced to leave blank as a result of missing info, feel free to PM me.

    Game related questions

    • What is the maximum damage range of all current weapons?
      • Axe: 857 - 1048 | Dagger: 924 - 981 | Mace: 895 - 1010
      • Pistol: ? - ? | Scepter: ? - ? | Sword: ? - ?
      • Focus: ? - ? | Shield: ? - ? | Torch: ? - ?
      • Warhorn: ? - ? | Greatsword: ? - ? | Hammer: ? - ?
      • Longbow: 920 - 1080 | Rifle: ? - ? | Shortbow: ? - ?
      • Staff: ? - ? | Harpoon gun: ? - ? | Spear: ? - ?
      • Trident: ? - ?

    • How do I get to PvP or World vs. World?
      There are two ways to enter either:
      • The long way is to travel to Lion's Arch and find the five Asura Gates at the south end of Fort Marriner. One will lead to the Heart of the Mists, which serves as a central hub for structured PvP. Don't worry about your level here. You're auto-scaled to 80 and given a full set of max armour and weapons, which you can freely swap out for and modify to your liking (profession permitting, of course).
      • The other gates lead to each of the three WvW "borderlands" maps (each representing a different server) and the central map, Eternal Battlegrounds. It's advisable that you level up some before even considering setting foot in there. Though you're scaled up to 80 there, you're stuck with your current PvE equipment and that isn't.
      • The quick way? Just find the PvP and WvW button near the right end of the icon bar at the top of the user interface, each will open a window with a button to directly teleport you to those maps wherever you are (as long as you're not in combat, at least). The WvW window can also be opened by hitting the B key.
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