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    I'm like RDarken - I really only like the human races (I consider Norn just really big humans).

    I'm also used to GW1, where everyone was human, so that might have colored my thinking. I created a couple of asuras, but they didn't really click. I guess I had trouble identifying with them -- they seem too two-dimensional to me. I didn't plan on going with an engineer at all (not a big steampunk fan), but it occurred to me to create a human female in the mold of Saffron from Firefly. Really having a lot of fun with her.

    Charr seems warrior, ele or necro to me from remembering them in GW1. My Norn is a ranger (just seems natural) and my other human is a reincarnation of my GW1 (human) mesmer. I feel there's a lot of potential in the sylvari, but I don't have a good handle on where they "fit." I originally thought of necro, since life and death are natural, and they seem to be in touch with nature, but I'm not sure yet...

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    I just got Mistfire (that is, I just unlocked level 30) and I find it lasts only 30 secs... I was hoping for a puppy with me at all times...

    But it's a pretty cool skill to use when you want to nuke some foe. It's like an intelligent multi-part nuke. I like it now that I understand it.

    From what I remember of charr elites from way back in the press beta, they were fun. Generally though they are more of a small nuke variety than actually useful on a regular use. They are a rare but solid short boost of power. Given that, they pretty much match with anything you want.

    And all those I tried pretty much work as they are described.
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    I have not used my Sylvari racial skills so far.

    I like my Sylvari female and the story quests so far, the only thing that is mildly annoying is the fact the she makes some strange moaning noises in combat (but I have no comparison to other races).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfscott View Post
    I didn't plan on going with an engineer at all (not a big steampunk fan), but it occurred to me to create a human female in the mold of Saffron from Firefly. Really having a lot of fun with her.
    How did you choose engineer over thief for her? Or did you just mean the way she looks? Do they make curves that voluptuous in GW?

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    My two mains had to be Sylvari and Charr, Necromancer and Engineer. I didn't want to copy a character from a book so Sylvari Necro was right out by default. Furthermore I wanted unconventional characters so they became Charr Necro and Sylvari Engineer.

    Do note that at no point I made mention of racial skills. The combo's are purely cosmetic.

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    I wanted to make three humans but I resisted. I prefer them and the Norn. The Sylvari turned out pretty cool. But I thought I would at least try all the races so I made characters for them all. though I hate the Asura, I made one- a Thief because I felt it fit- and I have to say I love the way they move. His name is Little Fluffy Bunny. I thought I was going to pay attention to what race would fit what profession best, but in the end I put little emphasis on that.

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    I simply chose my favorite race (Charr) and my favorite class (Ranger). As soon as I saw the concept art for the female Charr, I knew that was going to be my main. And from the early videos, I knew I wanted to play a ranger, because they seemed the most versatile and I like pets. I haven't found anything 'weird' about the combination. My Charr is Blood Legion, but she's more about strategy than brute strength, and she enjoys exploring, so I had her join the Durmand Priory. I think any combination can work, as long as you feel for the character.

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    I like my characters to have names that fit their perceived personality and my own vague back story of what the character did before they started on their journey.

    My main is a Female Silvari Mesmer named Leannán Sí (pronounced lian-an shee). In mythology, the leannán sí are beautiful women of the Aos Sí (people of the barrow or the fairy folk, the Silvari seem to be loosely based off of them) who take a human lover. They're usually depicted as a beautiful muse, who offers inspiration to an artist in exchange for their love and devotion; however, this frequently results in madness for the artist, as well as premature death. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffball View Post
    How did you choose engineer over thief for her? Or did you just mean the way she looks? Do they make curves that voluptuous in GW?
    Honestly, I forgot about the thief. But the long brown coat (I always use the heritage armor) and guns made me think of firefly. The thief I tend to equate with the iconic GW1 assassin.

    As soon as I add another slot, I plan to roll a thief just to see how it feels.

    And regarding the curves, no, GW1 was all about the runway model look. I really like being able to make characters that look like they actually eat occasionally.
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    My first character is a Char Thief. A few general comments:

    I find the Char to be a great race to learn dodging. Sometimes a projectile will appear to hit you but it wouldn't, because your character is bigger than its hit box. On the other hand when I was playing my Asura, she would get hit even when it appears I avoided an attack.

    As for the thief profession, I am still trying to find a way to out damage a warrior, which I should be doing.

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