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    So what's your favorite utility skill thus far?

    I don't know why, but it seems to me like mesmers have the most interesting utility skills. So what's your favorite?

    I'm at a bit of a draw between feedback and mirror images. I love tossing feedback on a ranged just before it uses some sort of cluster shot, and then firing off confusion combos until it kills itself, but the usefulness of being able to pop two clones is more universal - I usually toss a third in from mainhand sword and CoF them to get the fight started.
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    Those two are the ones I use most, too. Also sometimes Mantra of Pain in WvW for damage compression.
    I usually use Mirror Images to reach outside my casting range.

    But I don't have access to any of the third line utility skills yet. They all seem really good, so I imagine I'll be using a lot of them eventually.
    If nothing else, I'll be using Portal just because it's fun.

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    I want to know what uses you come up with for portal. I unlocked it as my first tier three, but because it's not targetable, I don't really know what to do with it, especially since I only have 60 seconds.
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    My all time favorite is Mirror Images, but followed closely by Feedback... I use staff + sword/pistol... Mirror Images = 2 more sources of conditions almost instantly... if I switch to sword/pistol... Feedback + Phantasmal Duelist = several stacks of confusion (because of combo).

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    Phantasmal duelist triggers the combo field? Really? Nice.
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    Mirror Images. 2 additional "minions" for my illusory minion master.

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    I like that we have a skill like portal, which is fantastic in WvW, fractals and a fair number of dungeons :)

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    Mirror Images and Signet of Domination never leave my skillbar (WvW based mesmer, SoD is probly mediocre in PvE.)

    Mesmers have awesome choices, but every class I've played to 80 so far I have had serious trouble picking the perfect slot skills. There are just so many good ones to choose from! I want them all.

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    Not to Rez this insanely, but this question doesn't really merit another post. What, if anything, have you folks found to do with mimic? I mean, sure, free block, but it seems outclassed by feedback and a traited focus.
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    I wasn't playing my Mesmer when you made this. I use different utilities in PvE v. WvW.

    In PvE: Feedback and Mirror Images (on GS <3).
    In WvW: I swap them out for Veil and Portal. So much fun when a CO asks for a veil and you drop it at the right time and take the enemies by surprise. Or when you drop a portal and your whole team ends pops up behind a fleeing zerg.

    I don't use Mimic. I actually find a lot of the Mesmer utilities to be kind of lame.
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