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    Question Needing help with my Character

    Well, seeing as GW2 has been out, I have been watching someone who beta tested it, and decided to get back in the game. My computer currently can't run GW2, even though I've bought it, so once I buy a new one I will get over there, but in the meantime I need help.

    I have just gotten back to GW after a LONG time being away, and while all the maps are re-downloading I decided to check out for Warrior builds.

    I have a level 20 Warrior, and I need a build for him, and Heroes/Henchmen

    Any Weapon
    Any Armor
    Any Shield
    Any Secondary
    Any Hero
    I need to beat Nightfall and Factions on this character
    Any Warrior build
    Pretty much anything. I have plenty of money, gifts, minis, ectos, etc. to buy the stuff, I just need the strategy. I need to run through around 3/4 of Nightfall (I've beaten all of Istan and Kourna I think).
    For Factions I know it's different.
    I originally started in Prophecies with this character, so I know I haven't done the Island. I've beaten around the top left corner of the map, I think I'm at Nahpui Corner or somewhere near there.

    If I could get a good build(s) for me and my Heroes (Or which Henchmen to pick if needed) I would appreciate it, aswell as the armor and weapons! Thanks.

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    Dii, TRUE

    Have you checked PvX? http://www.gwpvx.com/PvX_wiki

    Should have what you need!

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    far shiverpeak

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    i would say experiment first, asking for builds or depending on PvX is not improving your self.
    just make sure you have enough protection in your team, with that in mind you can go all out with damage.
    also, don't expect the warrior to be invincible, always have both adrenaline and energy based attacks, some enemies like mesmers can block adrenaline build up. (you'll notice when ignorance is casted on you)

    balance your team with offense and defense and you're doing fine.
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