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    Ascalonian Catacombs Storymode & Explorable

    Last edit 30.03.2013.
    If you haven't run dungeons much or don't understand something then you should check "How to prepare for dungeons" first.

    Story (Level 30)

    Explorable (Level 35)

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    Dii, TRUE

    You can also use the door trap to split up the Mesmer and Ele bosses, which makes them a joke

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    My two cents, when ever you encounter more than two enemies, try to split them up. Fall back to a previous corridor or flight of stairs, and see if you can form a kill zone at a choke point. The boulders work wonders, and can keep several bosses down for most of the fight. Just spam those things over and over again. When you reach the boulder room with the closed gate, carry a boulder back to one of the previous closed gates, and drop the bundle on top of a small pressure plate to open it. Use decorative pillars and statues as cover from ranged attackers, and donīt always target the elementalist first. Focus on which ever enemy rushes to the front, and pull him away from the backline. Yes by all means, kill the warrior first, casters last.

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    So is there any demand for more stuff like this (Twilight Arbor would be the next)?

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    I'd love to see more. Twilight Arbor has some nasty bosses, I think people could definately use some help with that.

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    I stickied these guides. Be warned though, I'll be moderating heavily, I don't want any flames, nor "this is better - no, that is better" kind of posts. You might think something is better, but do say why you think so.

    Wethospu, if you could keep the first post up-to-date with any extra tips that are given in the various posts... (considering I'll probably never be an expert in dungeons!)
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    I would love to hear more experiences about that door-trick. To keep guide clear I will attempt to keep only one tactic if one is clearly superior. What makes me hesitant with door-trick is that I had one group where we wiped ~5 times when playing with doors, then we just went in and spammed boulders to win.

    Also would be glad if someone could check/clarify two things:
    3) Spike-room: is killing boss required or can you just grab a boulder
    4) Fire-room: can you just run past all traps? and if yes, how easily?

    And finally would love to hear experiences if people have actually tried it based on these guides (pretty much which parts feel too obvious and which parts need clarifying).

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Rhonwyn View Post
    Thanks, I will do my best.
    Anyways plan is to do these for every storymode and explorable paths. This will naturally take some time as I need to run it at least 3 times to be able to provide some basic tips. So I don't really mind if someone farming specific exp-path would ease my work.
    Also this means that in some near/far future there needs to be a single sticky-topic with links on these.
    And I don't really consider myself as an expert at all. Just writing any tips I can think off.
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    Updated for major changes.

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