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    Free way points and free trait respecs. Other than that I'm pretty happy.

    Edit: Oh, I thought of something. Make there be any good elites in the game. I can't think of a single elite that I like or care about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorani View Post
    2. Cross-Server-Mail is something we need! Now! No need to argue.
    Is it not more of a cross-server-region issue? I can mail items between EU servers fine. Either way the lack of support when it comes to different servers and regions is disappointing. See also more below.

    Stuff I find lacking:

    1. Teaming when on different servers. Unless you manage to get an overflow, it's currently not possible to play on the same map with someone from another server. There was supposed to be "guesting", but it's not (yet?) implemented.

    2. Waypoint traveling costs. Currently a map-travel (even within the same map) costs around as much as you get from a (hearts) quest reward, that is far too much.

    3. Skill selection and especially elite skills I find a bit lacking, there are usually just a handful that compliment a given playstyle and there is generally little need to swap them except for obvious changes in surroundings (PvE/PvP, doing a dungeon instead of map exploration, etc.).

    4. Personal story balance. Missions randomly range from very easy to hard. It can be that in a mission your NPC allies basically zerg the map on their own, while you are badly outnumbered and fighting for your life in the next. Additional tweaking with AI and pathing (NPC's getting stuck, disappearing, etc.) wouldn't hurt either.

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    So far the most commented are:

    That the server structure should be opaque to the players. We don't want to see it, & certainly don't want it to have an impact on how we are able to play.
    This means that
    Rewards, research, upgrades, et al will be Guild based (Not guild/server as they currently are)
    Mail will be to anyone regardless of server or region
    Guilds will be more evenly balanced, as smaller Guilds & those divided over many different servers will not be disadvantaged, and
    Guild mates will able to play together no matter the home server without any complicated guesting.

    Achievements should be separated between PvE & PvP, such that they may benefit from both, but will be achievable with only one.

    Waypoint travel within each map region should be free, as it is in cities. Pricing of distant travel needs to be lessened, as it is out of balance with rewards (such as hearts).

    Elite skills are currently under-powered in relation to their long refresh time.
    There should be more weapon & utility skills to select from.
    Provide the current skills as a default set, a handy template so that newcomers aren't overwhelmed & can earn quite quickly.
    But, We are a community that is used to having a large number of skills with which to create our own builds. Allow us to be able to go out into the world & find more, weapon, utility & elites.
    Allow us to organise our skill bar as we see fit.

    the re-spawn rate & locations are currently not ideal, especially after an event. Repopulating an area good better be achieved by having foes move into it from places not reachable by players (over hills, from bushes, holes in cliff's, out from buildings, etc), not fading into existence on the players lap.

    Have I overlooked any?
    Anyone have any more?
    Anyone not commented yet that wants to?

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    *cracks knuckles* well, where do i begin....ah, yes.

    skill tiers:
    skills were fine without tiers and it kept that little part of GW home in it, free choice of skills and no skill limits.
    with the skill tiers it makes things horrible, spending over 20 points just for one spell is simply ridicules and this is only because it's in the last tier.
    personally i like "well of darkness" but it's on the last tier behind a 6 skill point wall, without the tier system i would've used it from a very early point but now i need to wait allot of levels just to get it, making it a clear grind to get a skill.

    weapon skills according on weapon:
    i will have to say that most skills are correct but there are some skills that don't belong there or skills that are not there that should, i will only comment on weapons i know per profession i know.

    to start with the warrior i wanted to use the hammer but was very disappointed, i barely used the hammer in GW1 because of it's slow speed/high interrupt chance but GW2 made it faster.
    now i expected the hammer to be just like GW1, the #1 knock down weapon, not at all the case.
    it only has one KD skill and that one is the very last one, the rest are pretty useless with it's cripple condition.(what use is cripple if you're already standing there.......)
    i would put more KD skills on the hammer as it should, the axe should have cripple, not hammer.

    the longbow is nice for team play, solo play is a bad idea however.
    they keep on attacking you from melee and there is no way to KB them unless you switch weapons, making the longbow inert.
    i don't want it changed completely but a KB skill isn't so much to ask, it's a range weapon after all.

    now the elementalist also has a problem, daggers, but the necro has somewhat the same problem is i will try to explain it with both in mind.
    the dagger is mainly a close to melee range weapon,
    what makes this problematic is that enemies walk faster then players do and since they are both profs with light armor, it's pretty much a death wish to use them in bigger groups.
    what i would like to see is something like a field or mark that lowers the damage from enemies, something like protective spirit but GW2 style.
    for the necro they could add "well of blood" that steals health from enemies every time you get hit while for the ele something like a ward, earth could have something like "ward against harm" weakening enemies in the ward.

    but enough about weapons, let's talk about summons.

    now we already have a thread about the problem with minions and their health so i will leave it there, the problem about minions now is the annoying AI and the lack of control.
    i have fought 20% of my fights because minions ether stayed on one place, agro-ed enemies or wandered around randomly attacking any enemy they came in contact with.
    this has to stop, they should only attack when commanded and stay away from enemies when ignored.
    i can understand a defense stance where they attack anyone i attack or anyone who attacks me but it's just tiring to attack anyone i come in contact with, no other profession has this problem even in the slightest.
    and what's worse, the only way to get rid of some of them is by switching skills, but when you do that it counts as them dying making the recharge timer active.
    they should at all times have a self destruct command without triggering the recharge timer, maybe a small 5 or 10 seconds timer for a small balance but that's it.
    also, when bone minions die because they get killed they should explode anyway, see them as walking mines, the enemy thinks it's just a weak minion but is surprised by a big explosion.
    you might think "then just keep an eye on them", that is not always possible, sometimes you are so busy keeping an eye on your surroundings that you have no time keeping the minions in check.
    at times they don't even respond, this is more an AI problem Anet should fix anyway but still, it would be nice if there is a load of the necro's shoulders.

    elite summons are nice to have but when they die faster then they are active then i wonder why they are even seen as elite, the mistfire wolf for instance is active for 30 seconds but dies within the first 10 seconds (unless you use it in an area where elites are way to powerful but you can't really count that)
    they should ether be more powerful or have a lower recharge time, currently they are weaker then the minions from the necro and they don't have a small timer and don't die so easily.

    this is something that just should change/be fixed, when the target is behind you you lose your target.
    now as explained above, enemies run faster then you do and when you are a caster using daggers this can be a huge problem.
    so this is really simple, when you target the enemy regardless of where the enemy is it should stay targeted unless it go's to stealth or is killed/dies.

    surface swimming:

    swimming on the surface of water gives you no skills whatsoever and that is problematic when you keep on falling in undeep water while fighting a horde of enemies.
    you should at least have something to use against the enemy or for your survival, maybe a wave of water to KB enemies or a blast that stuns any enemy close by.
    it doesn't have to be something huge but we still need something enough to defend our selves.

    that's all for now......
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    I think we all second (third, fourth) you on the skill issues.

    I will certainly also second you on the weapon issues as well as adding that all weapons usable by a profession in GW should be usable in GW2.
    Imagine a Necro firing spectral arrows or casting a well with a hammer strike, etc).

    Again with the targeting, a bouncy attack should not target whichever Moa (etc) that happens to be in the area innocently minding its own business.

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    I like skill tiers. They don't really restrict anything for that long and they actually make me pick skills, instead of saving up and not getting anything. True story from BWE1.

    Also, the bouncy thing, it shouldn't pick something that's not hostile, but that thing might be in the way and inadvertently get hit. Or so I've read anyway.

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    I rather like the skill tiers as well. It made me try some skill that didn't sound nice in the description, but in practice I really liked. Plus I think I have 100 or more unused skill points at this point, a couple weeks in to the game, so it's not exactly something that hampers you for any length of time.

    Also I disagree with literally every single point sorudo made.

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    Skill tiers? I like them.

    Weapons skills? I like them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffball View Post
    I rather like the skill tiers as well. It made me try some skill that didn't sound nice in the description, but in practice I really liked. Plus I think I have 100 or more unused skill points at this point, a couple weeks in to the game, so it's not exactly something that hampers you for any length of time.

    Also I disagree with literally every single point sorudo made.
    Yes, the same here. Like RealMehtis, during the BWE1 I simply saved up all my skill points because I saw one I liked (which is now in the third tier). Having to get skills from the previous tiers made me actually look at those and play around with builds. It's the same in GW1. You cannot get all the skills at the first skill vendor either. You must progress into the game too.

    Sorudo has one point with the surface swimming though. The game cheats there. When you're surface swimming, you can still be hit (without a way to fight back). When the foe is surface swimming, they're invulnerable.... Either remove the invulnerability from the foes, ore make us invulnerable as well...

    Weapon skills. I'd like to see one small change with those. I want to be able to switch them around. For instance, on a longbow, skill 4 will push your enemy away from you. Nice skill, and very handy. On the shortbow, skill 3 will push you away from your enemy. Technically a different skill, but the effect is the same. You generate a distance between you and the foe. Problem is, they're at different locations. So, when I switch to shortbow, I press 3 (to do some extra damage) and whoopsie, I should have pressed 4 as I threw myself away from the scaffold now... I put my shortbow away because of that. I want to switch skills 3 and 4 around, so both bows will have a distance generating skill at slot 4...
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    Okay okay, lets try & not get bogged down in back & forth arguments, the highest moderated items will be listed along with our reasoning.

    I don't really have a problem with skill tiers per se. They serve the function of diversifying skill choice quite well.
    What I would change is having more of them & less 'hand holding' for those who don't want it. As things stand Aunty ANet has everything set out for us, & there's very little wiggle room beyond her templates. It feels quite claustrophobic... stifling.
    I would add more skills & make discovering these further skills a part of the adventure. Have skill challenges to earn skills, not just skill points. Filling further tiers or some other form of menu.

    I also like weapon skills. We have them in GW in any case (sun&moon slash, magehunters smash, etc) & it's great that this concept has been extended to all professions, & also that it's flaw from GW has been fixed, that the skills didn't switch with the weapons, becoming unable if you did.
    So what I would change would be to expand on the default templates & be able to hunt for & learn more weapon skills, & have them swap with the weapons.


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