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    Question about Armors ?

    I'm a newbie in GW2. Yes, I played GW1 for the last 6-7 years and I do remember we had "Runes" to upgrade our armors. I was wondering IF we have them in GW2? Because I notice an "Empty" slot in the Armor piece we wear.
    Can some kind and noble soul shed some light on this query. Thank you very much for your time reading.

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    You can add stones that drop into those slots or sigils and yes even runes. Some are crafted, others found on armor drops.

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    More good news, the runes in GW2 are far more interesting and do far cooler things than the runes in GW1. You can almost build your character around the runes you use.

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    You are definitely correct. I really love this GW2. It's kinda tricky, but I am learning. :D
    We can actually use runes to upgrade our armors, but the upgrades can only be done once the level is met. And indeed, runes can be crafted.

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    There are two ways that I've seen for adding stats of choice to armor. Both can be used at the same time.

    1. Insignia can be used when an armor piece is crafted to give it a set of built-in stats that can't be altered or removed later.

    2. An upgrade of choice can be placed in the upgrade slot. This upgrade can be replaced with another at any time, destroying the current upgrade, but it can't be removed without salvaging the armor.

    There are several kinds of items that can be placed in that upgrade slot. One is a rune, which can be crafted or salvaged from another piece of armor. Another is a gemstone obtained while mining ore, which can be used "raw" or modified by a jeweler. A third is a mark, which can be obtained in various ways.

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