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    I enjoy my bear, since he can tank pretty much anything. I rarely use a second pet, which is probably silly on my part.
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    Here, have a spreadsheet of stats. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...HNk0zSkE#gid=0
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    I like to use my White Raven, Priority Target to blind foes and then call in Decoy, my Black Moa to finish them off.

    Though I am never sure which underwater pet to pick. Currently I have the Armorfish and a Shark. They seem pretty good at what they do (keeping foes away from me mostly.)

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    Dii, TRUE

    I love the Jellyfish. Mine is named Gak.

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    I spent the early part of the game using my stalker for both environments. Later I replaced him with a River Drake for underwater, but wasn't especially impressed. Then I charmed an armorfish. Wow, what a tank! I don't believe I've ever had to pet-swap in the aquatic environment after getting Baron. I haven't really tried the shark or jellyfish yet. Jellyfish don't have any sort of appeal for me, and the shark would appeal more if I could have something spiffier-looking, like the ice shark.

    Overall, I really have to say I'm impressed with how well the devs got the pet system working compared to GW1 and some of the GW2 beta videos. They are very responsive, starting their run on the target the moment I start to attack instead of two seconds later, generally reaching the foe in time to capture its attention. Pets are surprisingly good about setting up flank or rear shots for me so I can get the best milage out of the shortbow. They respond properly to attacks on them and are always alert to stuff trying to blindside me while I'm enjoying the scenery. They are nowhere near as fragile as I had feared or as fragile as some of the complaints would have me believe.

    I had always intended to play a pet-centric style, but now I wouldn't take my GW2 ranger petless on a bet even if I could.

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    Hmmm best pet is a toughie.

    most of them are skin change only. in that aspect its entirly personal. if looking at the stats then it depends on function.

    I use the polar bear as it has the highest HP of all pets, so while running or fighting tough mobs it makes an effective tank. And i swap this with the jungle spider - this is because jungle spider has highest HP of the spiders, poisons in its general attacks and also has its activeatable skill as a single target hold for if you need to run or run out of kiting space.

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    Jungle Stalker and Polar Bear for general PvE.

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    At first, I had been running polar and black bears for their tankiness, but recently I've been loving moas. Having black and pink moas for added dazing is pretty fun, and buffs from blue and red moas can be pretty nifty. Heals and vulnerability from time to time is an added bonus. And I stand out, because not many run moas :P
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    I use my trusty stalker (Poes will never leave Rhonwyn's side!) and a Big Bad Wolf. I like the Wolf.
    On my other rangers, I haven't made a definite choice yet.

    Underwater I got a shark and that armoured fish.
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    far shiverpeak

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    i have a black widow as main pet with the plant wolf as second (really don't know the name), underwater i have the armored wish and the rainbow jellyfish.
    funny tho, it's both sets with a black pet and both with a colorful pet.
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