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    So, how is my weapon? Comparison table

    I think it will be helpful for all the new Elementalists, who are trying to get to max. Level at the moment and those who will follow as secondary characters to find a comparison on how good or bad your current weapon really is and if you should upgrade to a new one.

    This table below shows you Fine (mostly, some Masterwork) crafted weapons you can make yourself as an Artificer (Weaponsmith for daggers) or buy fairly cheap (up until Lvl 60/65 items) on the trading post.
    Rare (yellow coloured) or Exotic (orange coloured) weapons have higher damage values than the items listed here. They rate approximately 2 to 3 damage classes higher, meaning a rare dagger that requires Level 50 can be as good as a Level 60 Fine crafted dagger (will try to fine exact numbers if possible).

    What I did not incorporate into the table are the stats of the armour, like having "+ Power" or "+ Vitality"

    Too many numbers? Want a rule of thumb?

    Try not to run around with weapons that are more than 10 Levels below your max. You will notice a significant lack of punch to raw Power based damage, once you hit areas that do not scale you down.

    Scepter Focus Staff Trident
    Lvl 25 234-248 226-255 210-223 249-281 229-253
    Lvl 30 263-279 255-287 237-251 280-313 258-285
    Lvl 35 319-339 309-349 287-305 340-384 313-345
    Lvl 40 328-349 318-359 295-314 350-395 321-355
    Lvl 45 363-386 352-397 327-347 387-437 356-393
    Lvl 50 439-466 425-479 395-419 468-527 430-475
    Lvl 55 447-475 433-488 402-427 476-537 438-484
    Lvl 60 493-523 478-538 443-471 525-592 483-533
    Lvl 65 583-619 565-637 525-557 621-701 571-631
    Lvl 70 592-629 574-647 533-566 631-712 580-641
    Lvl 75 646-686 626-706 582-618 689-777 633-700
    Lvl 80 760-807 737-831 684-726 810-914 745-823
    Lvl 80
    818-869 793-894 736-782 872-983 801-885
    Lvl 80
    923-981 895-1009 831-883 984-1110 904-1000
    Lvl 80
    Ascended /
    970-1030 940-1060 874-927 1034-1166 950-1050

    A little explanation for the info graphic:

    • The left column is for players who want to augment their path of critical damage and direct damage. This probably means favouring Fire & Air Magic as your main damage dealers.
    • The right column is for players who want to augment their path of condition damage over time. These upgrades are for players that favour Earth & Fire Magic and degeneration via the conditions of those skills (Bleeding; Burning)

    The higher up on the graphics the more the upgrades augment active and aggressive game play and play style, which some might call a "glass canon" stereotype. Adding just the upper two groups will result in Toughness being below 1k and the ability to self heal very limited (if no points in Earth or Air Magic traits are spent).

    The further down on the graphics the more the upgrades augment defensive and controlled game play, which increases survivability. While Knight's is a general "aggressive" component, Soldier's provides a lot of staying power.
    Cleric's, Magi and Shaman's will fit your game play, if you like the support role, as you can heal others better and revive allies faster due to the Healing component. A full set (Cleric's; Shaman's) will lack some punch when fighting foes.

    The "Magic Find" of Explorer's & Traveller's adds a passive component, as it does not involve combat stats, like the others. Therefore it was put on the lower end of the graphic, despite the fact that two stats contributes to damage. In a three dimensional graphics, those two would be separate "branches" of the graphic.
    It was just a method of organizing to put them there.
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    It seems like my warrior gets really good weapon drops compared to my ele. The warrior needs a trailer to carry all her weapons and my ele gets a drop only to sell it because once again the weapon is equal to the current +/- 4 points.

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