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    Wintersday calendar

    Drawing by Piglou, from Nolani, GWGuru forums.

    Yes, I know it's a bit early to be talking about Wintersday with Halloween celebrations just around the corner. However, this project would need time to get done, so here goes!

    How many of you remember the Wintersday themed advent calendar made a few years ago by the awesome artists from both the GWOnline/GWGuru forums? The idea is to reveal a new piece of artwork, starting from December 1st all the way to the 24th, to celebrate and help ease the long wait for Wintersday (and yes, Christmas).

    Now, how many of you would be interested in doing it again, this time for Guild Wars 2?

    There are already 11 artists interested in joining the project, but it would be awesome to get the full 24. That way, there will be a different artist each day! Everyone is welcome to join regardless of level of skill or chosen medium. Drawings, screenshots, short videos, poems, everything creative is welcome! It's a way to wish happy Wintersday to all your fellow gamers.

    This has also been posted to GW2Guru and the official GW2 forums in the hopes of getting the word out and finding enough artists. Let's band together and make an awesome Wintersday calendar!
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    Oh, good old times. Count me in, totally!

    I'm stickying this as well, and I'll post an announcement up.
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    Oooh, nice! Thank you! :) And I'm glad you're interested in doing this again as well.

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    Sure, count me in again.

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    Thank you for both of you for entering. :) I've managed to get 18 people into the project so far, you two included! So it's definitely a go.

    If there are any other artists here who are interested, please let me know as soon as possible! I will be handing out the calendar dates for artists on thursday evening. Of course, you can join in later too (as long as there are free spots), but it would just make it easier to know who is in as early as possible.

    Karuro, satomz, if you have any wishes to get a particular day in December, please PM it to me. I'm trying to keep the dates of each artist a secret, so that it will be even more of a surprise to the viewers. :)

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    The website is up! Head over to the trusty old address of http://www.shinanai.org/wintersdaycalendar/ to see the new calendar. :) Tomorrow, it BEGINS (insert dramatic music here).

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