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    This week's Skills of Interest finally takes a look at under water combat, which is not very loved among Elementalists, because it really requires you to not rely on auto attack skills. One skill with great utility will be featured here: Undercurrent.

    , Current GW2wiki description (October, 2012) :

    Release a current of water to damage foes and regenerate allies.
    Regeneration: 5 s (630 health at Lvl 80 without Healing Power)
    Sink: 2 s

    Traits affecting the skill
    Trident Water Under-current 25
    • Aquamancer's Alacrity - reduces the recharge of this skill to 18 seconds.
    • Cleansing Water - Trait allows this skill to remove a condition from yourself and affected allies in range of the skill (everybody that gets the regeneration boon).
    • Various other Water Magic traits that affect the damage part, but also work on other water skills.

    Change-log (since February 2012)

    • In 2011, during "demo season", the skill sank foes, had no regeneration and no damage. Recharge was set at 20 seconds.
    • Was slightly buffed in damage after the May 2012 beta event.
    • Officially gained the ability to sink foes in the June 2012 beta event, although the skill had already sunk foes in May.

    Skill assessment

    • Sink skills are rare in Guild Wars 2. Only five professions have them at all and the Elementalist is the only one with two (Rock Anchor being the other one).
    • The skill works at point blank range, so you have to swim close to an opponent, if used offensively. More likely you will use it when surrounded by enemies.
    • This skill does more damage than a single auto attack shot from Water Missile and also affects an area of effect, so it is not just a defensive skill or heal.
    • With its effect on nearby allies, Undercurrent works as an area healing effect, which gets even better when combined with the effect of the Cleansing Water trait (when it will remove a condition).
    • Sink skills can be crucial to help allies escape to the surface when downed, giving them a chance to break aggro from foes in pursuit. Sinking a foe is nearly always the desired choice of movement in PvE (both tactically and from a camera point of view, as looking down works better than looking up in battles).
    • In PvP situations, you can use this skill to prevent a foe from reaching the surface to rally.
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