i made this topic on guru to, and i know about replies telling me its not needed, so shouldnt be done.... or anet having no time for GW anymore, but they said to keep up GW, so one can hope, and share ideas

i have an idea for everyone to enjoy events more (and other times)

since we have those mad king guards and snowmen henchies only once a year, i thought it'd be nicer to have em always..... as hero/hench, and everywhere you go (except pvp areas.... maybe)

be it a hench staying here forever, or a hero with its own builds, so you cant change it

imagine having these anytime and anywhere you go:


i thought about keeping these in GW forever and in all pve areas, or make 1 hero with these builds

i would prefer the ones below, as they are more special:


as hero for each char which did a certain quest or something

wouldnt give anyone an extra hero they can use to SC or anything

nothing becomes better, except for the fun you can have and it looks more alive (which GW lacks now, and becomes worse)

i hope they can make em as hero with 1 build you cant change, if thats better to do

also, only 1 of em would do per char, as hench

ps. tbh, i always wanted those non-player skill based builds on these henchies

also, 1 more thing: plz dont post stuff like "GW is dead" or "they wont do it, as GW isnt important anymore" because they still will work on GW, they said, and we still can suggest stuff

so i hope i explained well, its just about having new hero/hench for always and everywhere in pve (pvp i dunno).... for fun and as event gift
not as "anet has to do this" or something

and who knows, maybe they'll have the resources and time to do this one day