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    Post December Creative Writing Contest thread

    As part of Novembers GWO's organised events; this is the official entry thread for the Creative Writing contest.
    Post your entires below along with the required information.
    Entries close at Midnight on 31st January (UTC)

    Rules from main post:
    Creative Writing Contest
    Toymaker Tixx is on his way for Wintersday so you get your parchment and quill ready! Write a letter to Toymaker Tixx detailing what toy your character wants for Wintersday. The top three entries will be awarded a share of tonics and large loot bags. See the mock entry below for inspiration:
    Dear Toymaker Tixx,

    Although I may be a master of the elemental and arcane arts, I unfortunately must recruit the aid of others every now and then to help me in my efforts. I have dealt with so many bookah’s that it has gotten to the point where I want to squish their silly bookah heads on sight. Would it be too much to ask that I receive a hyper-rubberized stress reallocation bookah impersonator to prevent myself from being locked up.

    By the Eternal Alchemy,

    • Only one entry may be submitted per person
    • Entries must be entirely your own work

    • Post your letter to this thread along with the following details
      • Account Name
      • Name of Character in screenshot
      • Home Server
      • Guild (optional)
    Check out more information on GWOnline's December Events here.
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    To Mr. Tixx, Toymaker

    Through the shared experiences of the Dream, I have discovered a general interest arising concerning the festivity called "Wintersday" and I want to utilize your expertise in the field of toy making. There are some young acquaintances of mine living just north of LA that seem to get into trouble a lot, hunting for treasure. Would it possible for you to build a danger meter that is small enough to be carried by children (so they can avoid meeting wolves & borrowing worms that dwell in that area) that also looks cool (so they will not leave it at home)? I am sure you will be able to modify one of those educational golems you use for your own progeny for that task (they seem to be very sturdy and unlikely to explode - safety first for children).


    Tilia Gorani

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    Tixx you dirty little pixie,

    I have no idea how you found me last year, but this year I am ready for your shenanigans. Keep your automated oddities and Asura well-wishing to yourself. Solitude; this is all I ask for. I am afraid such a request will find itself on the wayside of your ego and attention seeking -- that I will still get a mailbox full of candy cane spam...

    With disgust,
    Bookah CMEPTb

    C M E P Tb
    Anvil Rock
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