As part of Novembers GWO's organised events; this is the official entry thread for the Screenshot Contest.
Post your screenshot below along with the required information. Also please only post if you are entry in order to keep the thread clear for judges.
Entries close at Midnight on Friday 30th November (UTC)

Rules from main post:
Screenshot Contest
This event does not occur in-game but will have you playing to capture an awesome screenshot. Take the best looking screen-shot of your character that you can and at the end of the month will we pick the three best screenshots to be winners. There are a couple rules and details on how to enter.

  • Only one screenshot may be submitted per person
  • You may only submit screenshots of your characters
  • Re-sizing and cropping your screenshot is fine but beyond that any editing is not allowed

  1. Upload your screenshot to this thread along with the following details
    • Account Name
    • Name of Character in screenshot
    • Home Server
    • Guild (optional)
  2. Winners will be asked to provide proof of ownership to the character in the screenshot. This can be done but taking an additional screenshot with the character used and having your character saying your account name (and clearly shown in the chat box) which can be submitted via PM. After your screenshot has been verified your prize will be mailed in-game.
Check out more information on GWOnline's November Events here.