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    Bug Tracker

    I'll be attempting to list all current known bugs in this thread. These came from the official forums, but they're here for ease of access for our users. If you find some new ones, feel free to post them and I'll update this OP. Please try to stay on bugs, and not go into suggestions or "this is how they should fix it"

    • Virtue recharge rates from the Virtues line is not reflected in a Virtue’s tooltip. It works, but you won’t see the change if you mouse-over a Virtue.
    • Virtue of Resolve: When improved with Absolute Resolution the tooltip indicates an erroneous healing number, showing a 97% increase instead of the correct 25%.

    • Monk’s Focus: It won’t activate if you use a merciful intervention and it didn’t teleport you to an ally. It does activate if you successfully teleport to an ally.
    • Courageous Return: Only recharges Virtue of Courage when you rally killing an enemy while downed, it will not reset the cooldown if you rally via healing from other players.
    • Perfect Inscriptions: Displays a different behavior in the Mists than in PvE area, explanation here.
    • Makes the passive effects of signets disappear from the tooltips on the skills.
    • Vengeful: Tooltip doesn’t reflect retaliation increase.
    • Renewed Justice: Several users report that it may fail to renew itself upon dealing the finishing blow on a foe.
    • Pure of Voice: Does not work properly with Hold the Line! or Save Yourselves!, the shouts will fail to remove the condition almost always and will never give you the opposite boon.
    • Battle Presence: If you have increased boon duration party members affected will show several immune messages popping out, several ticks won’t heal because of this.
    • Power of the Virtuous: Icon is wrong and its showing an engineer symbol instead.
    • Right-Hand Strenght: The 15% extra crit while using a 1 hander weapon is not reflected on the character panel. Currently unknown if it is actually working or not since it may only affect the mainhand and not your offand, and that could be the reason its not reflected on your stats.
    • Strenght in Numbers: The 30 extra toughness is not reflected on the character panel nor allies stats. Currently unknown if it is actually working or not.
    • Resolute Healer: The Shield of Absortion generated by this trait does not push back enemies.

    Slot Skills
    • Hammer of Wisdom: The push-back mechanic pushes enemies through Line of Warding and Ring of Warding.
    • Purging Flames: Will only remove 1 condition when you enter the ring.
    • "Hold the Line!": Bugged with the trait Pure of Voice. Will randomly fail to remove a condition and will never give you the opposite boon. It is missing its audio component on several races/genders like Charr and Sylvari.
    • "Save Yourselves!": Bugged with the trait Pure of Voice. Will randomly fail to remove a condition and will never give you the opposite boon.
    • Merciful Intervention: May prioritize a minion, pet or npc instead of a player.

    Elite Skills
    • Renewed Focus: The tool-tip won’t display the duration if the trait Elite Focus is selected. Sometimes it may start the animation and not offering any protection for the 3 seconds, if you move the spell will not go on cool down and you can cast it again.

    • Focus
      • N/A

    • Greatsword
      • Leap of Faith: May miss its target if it is on a lower elevation than the guardian.

    • Hammer
      • Symbol of Protection: Skill description and tool-tip indicate that it should deal damage x4 times, it only deals 3 tics of damage while being used. Has a tendency of forming itself a floor below the guardian in terrains with several layers like the Orr ship. The symbol may fail to form if there are several fields around the guardian, most noticeably in the Orr events where there is many people.
      • Ring of Warding: Enemies may exit the ring without stability if timing their jumps or dodges correctly. Cancels the knockdown animation from enemies affected by banish.

    • Mace
      • Protector’s Strike:The blocking component will consume itself and other sources at the same time, like Aegis or Shield of Wrath stacks. The skill will fail to block any attack from enemies that were not previously aggressive towards the player, meaning that if you preemptively cast the skill, move into aggro range and the mob hits you, it will not block any attack.

    • Scepter
      • N/A

    • Shield
      • Shield of Absortion: Leaving this skill in auto cast mode will cause the shield to display the dome animation forever until the player inputs a command. The dome itself will not keep negating ranged attacks past its normal intended duration. Users report issues detonating the shield sometimes, I noticed that it happens often if you try to detonate too quickly.

    • Spear
      • N/A

    • Staff
      • Symbol of Swiftness: Will not add its swiftness duration on top of another different swiftness source. May also completely fail to apply Swiftness when going through the symbol.
      • Line of Warding: Enemies may pass through the line without stability if timing their jumps or dodges correctly. Cancels the knockdown animation from enemies affected by banish.

    • Sword
      • Flashing Blade: The teleport component may put you inside the terrain unable to move afterwards, may sometimes fail to teleport to a target that should be able to like on a ledge.
      • Sword Wave: Using a skill with cast time sometimes cancel Sword Wave (no damage) even if the animation is complete and the 3 blue blades hit the enemy.

    • Torch
      • N/A

    • Trident
      • N/A

    • All Shouts and AoE effects like Light of Deliverance or Empower, and Signet of Mercy among others will prioritize targets depending on how close they are to the Guardian instead of Party members, resulting in several buffs and heals wasted on necromancer and ranger pets, illusions and Npcs around the area. Full explanation in this post.
    • Exploitable: The trait Consecrated Ground will reset the cooldown on consecrations when selected, meaning that you could cast a sanctuary, open the trait menu, select Consecrated ground and cast another sanctuary immediately. Basically there are 2 versions of the same skill, 1 ground targeted and one on the guardian, and the trait swaps the skills on your bar, each with its own individual cooldown.

    Unsure/Unable to reproduce
    • Signet of Mercy: Fails to rally a downed player while poisoned if very low hp, user reported it brought him to 70% instead so maybe the poison cut the healing and it did not heal enough to rally?
    • Shield of Absorption: does not absorb cannonballs, is it supposed to absorb those kind of projectiles too? ( like trebuche’s or cannon projectiles)
    • Orb of Light: Several users report that this spell tends to shoot at random directions and several issues detonating the orb, or that it tends to crash onto any kind of non flat terrains.
    • Auto Attacks chains won’t start by themselves on enemies being hit by symbols, for example symbol of wrath without the player activating the auto attack chain by himself before the symbol is cast, is this intended or bug?, if the enemy is being auto attacked and then the aoe field is laid down the auto attacks will continue normally.
    • Are guardian shouts supposed to be heard by other players like the warrior ones? because currently it is not possible to hear other guardians shouting sound.

    Other Issues
    • Rune of Earth & Rune of the Grove: The 2 set bonus to increase protection duration is not reflected on skill tooltips, the bonus duration is correctly applied though. It may be a generalized issue with specific boons getting increased not being displayed on the tooltips.
    • Signet of Mercy: The tooltip is ambiguous, should indicate it rallies downed players, not revives, as it does not revive a defeated player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raye Lestrange View Post
    Renewed Justice: Several users report that it may fail to renew itself upon dealing the finishing blow on a foe.
    It won't trigger if you don't do a certain amount of damage to a particular foe, just like you won't get credit for events or get experience, etc. The wiki says you have to cause the killing blow for it to trigger, but from my memory I'm almost positive that isn't correct. I haven't done much with my guardian since shortly after release though, it may have changed or I may not remember correctly.

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