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    Well, with my Ori example... that's pretty much what happened. I matched the lowest seller and then the next day the new standard for Ori was 3s with thousands of entries listing from 3s to 3s8c. My 3s28c ores are way way down the selling list =(

    There might be typos.

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    The Orichalcum price drop has a simple reason:

    last i googled ori maps, i saw there is a cheat program out showing the nodes.

    I have stopped gathering it in Orr, I only take the 2 nodes in Frostgorge now and farm mobs again instead.

    Farming it in Orr isn't worth the tp costs, the time, the frustration and the repairs below 3s per ore anymore imo.
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    i just sell whatever i can sell and see what i can get from it, i don't go for a huge profit since i care more about getting rid of it while still getting something out of it.
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    I haven't tried selling materials yet, just weapons/armor drops that I think might be worth something. I right click on the item and find out both the buy and sell price, make sure there a few players doing each and price it somewhere in between those numbers to get quick sales.

    I didn't do that once and had some items that were on for a couple weeks several silver above the buy prices. I eventually took them down and relisted them. You can't make money if they don't sell, so even if you reduce your profit by relisting, if you think you're never going to sell otherwise, then it only makes sense to resell. If you're the highest seller by a wide margin, that's probably a bad sign. If it's only by a little bit and you're not in a hurry, might as well just wait. Really depends on the item and price differences.

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    So an update and a bit of detail to my dilemma.

    I had corrupted core up for about 87 silver about 3 weeks ago, and it was just about the lowest price already on the trading post. In a few days, the price started plummeting few silvers a day. I think it took less than 2 weeks for the price to drop to 40 silver, where it stayed until the time I made the OP. Eventually I decided it's not going back up to 80 silver and put it up at around 40 silver and sold it in a day or so, back a couple days ago.
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