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    The Order of Dii [Dii]

    Quote Originally Posted by ghosia View Post
    Maybe it works with that whirling healing skill jellyfish have...
    I have to say, I was loving underwater combat simply because it was the only place me and my speargun/spear felt slightly overpowered with the AoE, bleeds and such.

    And I have been running dual jellies since I got 'em. Everybody FREEZE! Whiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr…
    I don't think it works with the healing skill, but with the immobilizing/chilling whirl F2 skills, so you're baddies are immobilized/chilled and getting the brunt of your damage while you get combos. Yay. EDIT: Wait, does Healing Cloud a water combo field, now?

    But overall, m'eh. Every single time I switch away from axe/torch to shortbow I think 'why'd you do that?', fire off some poison, maybe a concussion shot, and wait for weapon swap cooldown to end.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrettM View Post
    On the plus side, there are some quotes from Jon Peters over on Guru to the effect that this is only part of the love…
    When men and women are in relationships like this, we often ask if there's anything we can do to help, does (s)he hit you, and would they like us to call protective services…
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