Here are the mesmer-specific notes for this patch:

Moa Morph: Targets transformed by this skill have 5 new and less-frustrating skills, and this skill can also be used underwater to turn enemies into tuna. This skill now removes Death Shroud from the target instead of the necromancer being stuck in Death Shroud.

Portal: This skillís recharge has been increased to 90 seconds.

Illusionary Duelist, Phantasmal Swordsman, Phantasmal Mage, Phantasmal Defender, Phantasmal Disenchanter, Phantasmal Rogue, Phantasmal Warlock, Illusionary Mariner, Illusionary Whaler, Phantasmal Berserker, and Phantasmal Warden: These skills must now be cast in line-of-sight of the target. These skills now behave as normal attacks that the mesmer must connect in order to summon the phantasm, and they will fail if the mesmer is blind or the ability is cast on an invulnerable target.

Phantasmal Mage: This skillís confusion has been increased to 3 stacks for 3 seconds from 1 stack for 9 seconds. The recharge on Phantasmal Mageís skill has been increased to 6 seconds from 5 seconds.

The Prestige: This skillís damage has been increased by 100%.

Phantasmal Haste: This trait now works.

Mostly PvP related, especially the restriction on illusion casting. I'll also be interested to see how "less-frustrating" the Moa skills are. If they're worth anything, I doubt I'll be using it nearly as much.

It's also nice that they finally fixed Phantasmal Haste!