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    Quote Originally Posted by Fae View Post
    I've done the underwater one a couple of times now, and there's never been a dolphin bit. Was always confused when people talked about dolphins. It's either an optional instance or just added in randomly, not really too sure. But deffo no dolphins when I've done it! O_o
    There are two underwater fractals. The one with the dolphins start easy, with you killing some krait. The second part of the fractal is the dolphin part.

    The fractals chosen are purely random, so it could happen you'd never see a certain fractal (though, unless you hardly do them, I'd say that's unlikely!)
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    The piranha fractal and dolphin fractal had same beginning and same end boss (giant jellyfish with electrified cages), so it's a same fractal with two different paths that are chosen at random.

    The dredge one and swamp one also had different paths. I don't remember the details for dredge one, but they ended up in same mid-boss. The final bosses were different (second one I ran into killed the first boss at arrival), but they had same basic mechanism: pour the hot soup on top of them and spank. I didn't personally run into two different swamp paths, but according to a friend the naked norn was the final boss in the path he took before. What I fought was some druid like creature that spawned spirits for buffs.
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