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    Cool Why do you like jumping puzzles?

    This is not a complaint thread even though it might sound like one.

    Please list your reason for liking jumping puzzles. I personally don't like them at all regardless of difficulty. I'm interested in knowing why people like them so much.

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    I don't. They are anathema to me.
    The camera controls are by far to inadequate for the task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnoughAlready View Post
    I don't. They are anathema to me.
    The camera controls are by far to inadequate for the task.
    I understand... Well, I meant the people who do like them lol.

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    I like them for a challenge, because I'm just really uncoordinated. Today I made it through the clock tower and that was probably my proudest GW2 moment so far. I like that. I like feeling like I conquered something I am naturally bad at.

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    I've been very carefully avoiding any info on puzzles I haven't already done. I don't know where they are or how to make it to the top, so finding them is a really fun experience. Most of them are not in obvious sight. And figuring out where exactly you're supposed to go, or if it's even a jumping puzzle or just some rock you can climb a little of... it's all very fun to explore. They always catch me by surprise and that is a nice reward. There are also a lot of places I wind up that aren't jumping puzzles but still reward me for exploring. A lot of nooks and crannies have chests or rich mining veins hidden in them.

    If you intentionally head to jumping puzzles you've read about online, I can see why that would not be in the slightest bit fun. It's like doing a crossword puzzle someone else has already filled in.

    I also find that sometimes I find a different solution than other people have, once I look at stuff online. That's pretty cool as well.

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    3D platformer challenge for one and more of an exploration experience for another, I see. Keeping score here, folks, maybe I should have made a poll haha

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    I don't like them while I'm doing them. But I love finishing them :)
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    I like the mild intellectual challenge of figuring out the route and those little "aha!" moments when you find your way past what seems to be a dead end. So I guess you could mark me down under "exploration experience". I would say the Broken Wall in Diessa Plateau is a classic example of an intricate, interesting route, and I don't mind a few failures trying to get through one of those. (Though I still haven't figured out how to get to the node at the beginning of the puzzle.)

    Where a jumping puzzle fails for me is when the execution becomes too difficult even when I know what to do and the penalties for failure are too harsh. The vanishing-platform puzzle in the asura lab in Caledon Forest is my worst nightmare because it requires good vision and near-perfect execution at top speed. It's more of a physical challenge than an intellectual one.

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    Figuring out the route is fun, and I like platformers (provided they are not too punishing, MEAT BOY). For me it's a zen-like experience when the difficulty is just right and you have time to do it.

    It's a different skill than combat, so it also gives variety in the game.
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    I like hopping around like a rabbit on sugar rush (no, stop, don't feed sugar to your bunny). And it's to my liking to see how far that hopping can take me.
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