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    Go with the current? Possible Underwater Fields & Finishers

    The amount of Projectile Finisher skills professions got with the Nov 15th update 2012 leaves a pending question open:
    Where are the Combo Field effects that go along with the finisher skills? The Elementalist is a leading class, when it comes to combo fields, yet he lacks a single one after the update (like other professions, too - only the Guardian has a Light Field so far).

    So, here are some suggestions how those missing fields could be added to the skill bar and what finishers could be added to the Elementalist's arsenal:

    Combo Fields

    Lighting Cage makes a great candidate for a Lightning Field. As the cage is only up 5 seconds, the possible multiple Daze conditions are not that "balance bad", as it looks, You have to react fairly quicky to get a daze effect (if "leaps" would be possible - currently, there are none). Other field effects don't affect balance that much.

    Murky Water could open up the possibility to give the Elementalist access to the Smoke Field effects. This would make it possible to blind foes even more, which could greatly enhance the skill, as its 1 second blind effect isn't that awesome. The 6 second duration of Murky Water would enhance a team effort shooting through the field.

    Ice Wall is another candidate, but it includes a "logical barrier". Shooting through a wall that enemies can't pass will give you an Ice Field benefit? It is a fantasy game after all and adding more chill effects could mean more crowd control which is difficult under water anyway.

    Combo Finishers

    Magma Orb makes a good Blast Finisher. The orbs move slowly and can be evaded, even by the AI. It does not sound over powered (Magma Orb is a #1 skill, shooting quite often), as you hardly can hit a field more than twice, due to the speed of the orbs.

    Air Pocket makes a good Leap Finisher, as the "Vacuum" teleport would require a lot of skill to spot and hit a field in time.

    Rock Blade and Water Missile are candidates for a Projectile Finisher. Only Rock Blade could be used to "self-combo" with Murky Water, Water Missile would require to switch attumenents for that.

    Whirlpool is a great choice for a Whirl Finisher. It has it written in its name *g*. To avoid exploitation of the long duration of Whirlpool, the whirl effect could be limited to every second damage pulse.

    So, what do you think about those ideas. Please discuss and leave a reply.
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