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    Get Your In-game Guild Wars 2 T-Shirt - EU Only

    Back in August at Gamescom, ArenaNet mentioned that there would be special in-game Guild Wars 2 T-shirts up for grabs and it kind of fell by the wayside.

    The good news today is that ArenaNet here in the EU has come through and EU Guild Wars 2 fans can get their hands on this great looking in-game items. We have quite a few codes to give away so if you fancy one of these make a post below.

    As soon as there are a decent amount or posts we'll start dishing them out. If you are a site supporter(PAL) you are automatically eligible for a code while stocks last :) If you are a PAL, make a post in this thread in the PAL forum.

    Remember, these are EU only for now and can be redeemed in-game at the Black Lion Trading Company by redeeming your code.

    Make a post below...
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    I'm not sure how I feel about this.

    I got one so obviously I'm 'cool' but doesn't that detract from a new surge of motivation?

    I'm not sure, and this isn't a bad thing, that I am a fan of ArenaNet anymore.

    Exclusive is...well have a look at your figures...

    I enjoyed GW1 this new game....

    ...You've still to sell it to me.


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    These codes only work for EU accounts; what does "for now" mean?

    Either way, obligatory post.

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    We "may" get US ones in the future.
    GWOnline.Net Admin

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    That shirt will look good on my toon^^

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    fingers crossed

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    Something for us Euros? Count me in!
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    Snazzy shirt up fer grabs! Count me in :D

    Also... Hai ^^

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    yay free t-shirt ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rushster View Post
    We "may" get US ones in the future.
    Requests to be put on that list.

    Very cool. Even if I'm not eligible for this round. Thanks for showing the forum a little T-Shirt lovin'!

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