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    Haven't had a chance to be in the game for a bit. I'd like a code if there are any left though :)

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    If you have any codes left, I would be interested as well ;)

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    I don't think they have codes left :(

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    No fair! I want one of those! But I'm in the U.S. so I can't get one. In my opinion, if they make something, it should be available to everyone regardless of where they live. It's just more fair that way and then everyone's happy and not complaining that they aren't getting special treatment or are getting left out or something.

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    The gave them out in a US giveaway on launch, granted you had to get to certain Gamestop (i think?) stores IRL.

    Since the Euros had no way of getting there, some time later they offered up codes to Euros, just made it online rather than in real life, probably because there were no EU cons / gatherings / whatever going on.

    Moving forward, I hope they do EU/US giveaways at the same time using the same distribution methods. (Of course giveaways are generally restricted in various places. Such as the wacky giveaway laws in Canada or Rhode Island, etc)
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    Awww, I would really have loved one of these shirties.

    If there's any left, I'm in. Hopefully, I'm EU.

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    i hope there is still one for me...

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    If there are any of these stylish t-shirts available I would like one <3

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    If you have any codes left, I would love to have one as well IGN =The Pitboss

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