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This is probably what I love most about the guardian. Even if you focus your efforts entirely on DPS, you're STILL shedding some goodness on everyone around you. You just can't help it.
The thing is that, and this is imo a valid concern, that guardians are often faced with the choice between helping an ally or tag a foe. Or keep your virtues and be stronger, or share them to the team and make them stronger and yourself weaker. I've made that choice many times, knowing that in the time I put a bubble to save someone, that foe I could have tagged could be dead. Or that by sharing my virtues, I had to play more safely because I could more easily die. Making that choice is gameplay, getting rewards either way is good balance.

If I choose to play more defense/support, yes I can still attack and do damage (and I most certainly will) but again I won't be tagging as many foes as my more dps-centered allies despite that we both contribute to the fight.

I'm not a farmer so it's a minor issue for me if I get a bit less income when I play the way I want to. But I should not have to make that choice in the first place.

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I dunno about OP but I commonly see guardians just standing there whacking mobs and the guardians health doesn't go down.
Well, they are tough, but a lot of that is their skills and virtues. A guardian who used his skills can go down pretty quick.