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    What races and groups would you like to learn more about?

    I would love to learn more about the old favourites of the 6 gods. Which includes:

    Harpies - previous servants of Dwayna. They probably got jealous of Dwayna favouring other races (giants or humans) before them, and hence betrayed Dwayna.

    Giants - previous kings of all races. Used to rule the world with powerful magic before they were abandoned by the 6 gods. Even then, their pure size is often enough to devastate entire armies. Its lucky for the world today that giants are rare and only fights alone.

    Jotuns - The old favourite of the gods. Like the giants they used to wield powerful magic. Then they started killing themselves for racial purity and the gods abandoned them.

    Ogres - Relatives to the Jotuns. Now they only care about their pets. They might have been close to Melandru.

    Ettins - Another giant race that we know almost nothing about.

    Norns - Today they developed a culture of spiritual worship. But in the ancient days they used to worship the 6 gods. But once again they were abandoned by the 6 gods. Legend has it that humans came from the Norns.

    Humans - The favour of the 6 gods after the giants. But after the defeat of Abaddon, the 6 god left the world. So they too were abandoned by the 6 gods.

    Abaddon - Originally magic was reserved for the giants. But Abaddon decided to give magic to every race, hence the start of bloody conflicts where no race overrules another. When the other 5 gods decided to limit the use of magic though bloodstone, Abaddon got so enraged that he started a war against all 5 other gods. What truth drove this god of knowledge to such extremes?
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