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    What's your daily / weekly GW2 routine?

    Let's get some light discussion up in hurrr.

    Reading a few threads of late has got me thinking a mix of "wow, how do you get so much X" with an equal amount of "wow, how do you only have Y". Not saying either of these things is good or bad, I just found it interesting.

    For me, getting at least 1gold+, some ectos, some high level mats is normal for an evening (2-3 hours of play). Some people will rake in way more than that and say "lol, if you're not making at least 10g an hour you're wrongy mcwrongysauce" where as some people are in the boat of "I've been level 80 since day 2 and have 30 silver to my name".


    Without getting competitive or whatnot, what's your average daily or weekly routine in GW? What makes it all tick for you? Is it the money, is it the entertainment or is it making the little bars go up up up.

    What I get up to:
    My personal dailies:

    * I try to fit in one run of the Grenth's temple DE-chain an evening. Full party of 5 whether guildies or pugs. Pop an omnomberry bar at the start, plant a MF flag at the Torch. If we fail once or twice then I can usually get together 80-90silver+ from a run, plus materials. The high level materials will get TP'd unless it something I need / am working towards. Will usually get a few rares during the run which will get salvaged to ectos if they run less than the cost of an ecto. Ecto wont get sold, just kept for armor / jewels. This alone is my "business" part of the day as it's a healthy boost to the bank :3
    * Dailies! Grenth's takes care of the Events + total kills. Since it's in Orr, I have to go elsewhere for the variety. But no worries, the day is young.
    * If I'm currently working on leveling someone up, I'll get the rest of the variety and the gathering from this. Right now I'm not working on leveling anyone.
    * After dinner I'll check in on WvW, look for commanders I like to play alongside across the Borderlands and see if there's anything going on there. Or if there's guildies playing I'll join them for a bit and pootle around there.
    * Hit up the rich Ori orr in Southsun. Pretty much the only reason I go to southsun. Go to where Oswain is making omelets from her former crew members and the karka eggs (there's seriously something other than eggs in those omelets. it's totally her crew <_< )
    * Go punch Shatner/Taco the Salsa-less/Jormag's Chump in the face for loots. (the Dragon champions)

    By this time my dailies are done, or may need to go outside of Lion's Arch for a few more gathers or kill types.

    My personal weeklies:

    * Saturday evening is guildie outing time where we try to do something with as many of us as possible. Some weeks it's dungeons, sometimes Fractals, sometimes clearing out a zone (i <3 our Orr stomps) and pop some bonus banners both in Lion's Arch and then later in the zone we're in.
    * WvW reset time! Our server has reset party. Stock up on supply, then chill out prior to reset. Find out which mega-guilds are going to which BL and have a giggle. Then game-face on and battle for the glory of Jade Quarry, realise that 4am appeared out of nowhere then go to bed <_<.
    * Slowly working on 100% on my ele, my first character. Only doing around 1 zone a week. Mix this up with exploring in general, dailies, jump puzzles etc.

    Of course all of this goes out the window if I'm leveling someone up as I tend to dedicate a lot more time to that character and will ignore the Grenth clears or the Dragons.

    But yes! What do you get up to. What makes you tick in GW2 day in day out / week in week out if you're super casual. I figure people can get some ideas for doing stuff, or at least go "huh, that's interesting" or hell "Man you're weird. I'm going to sit here flipping these charr butts on the TP for 2c profit a time"
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    I actually don't have any routine aside from my dailies... I do whatever I feel like doing, sometimes that's just running around doing map completion, sometimes that's leveling, sometimes that's playing the dye-game with my characters. I still average about 1g per day of play, just by selling my mats I got from the daily and general run around. On the days I do dunegons I end up with close to 2g just form the dungeon run. Pretty much sell everything worthwhile in the TP and then merchie everything else.

    I was having trouble holding onto moneys when I was sitting on my crafting mats, under the false pretense that i'd actually finish crafting someday. Eventually just gave up and been pretty comfortably rich ever since. (my bank averages ~15g on a low day and the most i've had was like 38g or some such, I think right now it's at 31g)

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    2nd star to the right

    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    I just try and do the daily a few times a week when I have time to play. No special day either. That's about all I'm doing. Right now I'm jumping between a couple chars to do this with, focusing on my mes lately. I try to jump into WvW when I have more time but, that's about it. I'm pretty much down to a few hours a week and since I semi try to work on a few crafting disciplines, I'm pretty much broke. My lvl 70ish mes is wearing level 35+ to lvl 55 armour and weapons lol.

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    Dii, TRUE

    I don't have a routine either. Sometimes I'll log in with a task in mind (run this dungeon, complete this quest), but not a set of things I do every time.

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    I basically do whatever I feel like doing too, often levelling alts... but I keep an eye on dailies and monthlies.

    Oh, and I do some trading (for profit) and crafting (for XP). I don't do a lot of either.
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    Tarnished Coast

    I have no set routine.

    Some days I'll stare at the character selection screen for a while. Log in to several different alts, complain to the dogs that I don't know what I want to play, then switch to another alt. The dogs just roll their eyes.

    Some days I'll have a goal. Today, for instance, it was exploring the Charr personal story on my temporary character, Tika Toastywhiskers. Which meant some rather dull leveling until I could reasonably expect to complete the story quests. Ended up getting really bored of leveling and went in to smack some level 19 ghosts around with Tika at level 16. It was painful and there was a lot of death, but got it done. Eventually. (side note: I still don't like the Charr, but some of their story is really quite good. Ghost cows indeed. (side note to the side note: This is the first of three Charr characters that I'll make to explore the story lines, but more than a little tired of leveling so I made a random placeholder character))

    For dailies, it depends. If I'm working on a particular character to level, I'll use that one. If not, I'll just choose one of my lower level characters at random. Go to a starting zone like Metrica Province or Queensdale, do events and gather and get kill variety and number of kills. Yay done.

    Some days I'll run a few events in Orr (Straits of Devastation counts, right?). Though realistically I can only do a half dozen of those or so before I want to spork out my eyes. Lack of variety, issues with bugged events, too many group events and not enough people (they're all doing fractals).

    And over all of that, I have the goal of map completion on my warrior at least. So some days I work on that.

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    I am trying to finish map completion and current I am at 65%. I don't plan for the dailies much.

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    I don't exactly have a set routine, but if I have time (or lose to temptation ) I tend to go into fractals. I'm currently trying to get that agony resistance for one character and get another up to 10. Fractal runs tend to finish up my dailies except the harvesting, so it's pretty efficient too, time permitting.
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    Currently trying to get a mesmer on my second account through the personal story and to lvl 80. Since about lvl 45 (maxed cooking, stalled on jewelry when I hit 300 and read ahead in the guide about the need for ectos)I get POI, SP, vistas and WPs, but mostly skip hearts when the story takes me to a new area.

    I only recently started keeping track of my daily progress. It changes at 3pm my time though, so if I don't finish that night I won't get it unless it's a weekend. I play at least an hour most nights, usually longer, but kind of off and on a lot. I figure I get about 0-30 silver a night now that I don't do full maps anymore. Depends on how much I"m WPing or getting killed because I'm trying to run to the next WP or whatever and realize too late I need to stop and fight. Also I don't play every night, or sometimes for a pretty short period of time.

    Usually don't have the time or the consecutive time to do dungeons (and now I'm so far behind everyone else on those I'm pretty gun shy about pugging them), and don't really do too many events because I want to map as much as I can in a night. And the mesmer runs slow.

    I think after I get her through her story I'll go back to my necro to finish up map completion. I think I have another 6 areas for her. Then doing more events and dungeons and maxing out all the crafting professions depending on cost (which may lead me to getting a few more characters to 80 first for more materials.)

    So that ought to make everyone else feel better about how much they are making in the game lol

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    I do get my daily. Depending on the time I have, I'll pop in with my ele Charr who is now permanently parked in Plains for those easy events close to the Black Citadel. Get my 5 events, and some variety done at least. I then move to Rhonwyn to finish it off and get my max monetary reward.

    If I have more time, I'll start with a character I want to play with at that time, do all required for the daily and if that character isn't my main, I'll switch to my main to finish it off. Then back to my alternate (if I was on one) and continue playing.

    I'd like to do fractals, but only with friends and now, not in 30 minutes. So, those are out. Dungeons are simply not done during weekdays.

    I've given up getting "rich" in this game, so I'll be happy if I make 10s an evening. I do the daily mostly for the coins and jugs.
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