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    LFG Arah Explorable Path 4

    I haven't tried doing this on gw2lfg before but I'm giving it a shot.

    For a couple of weeks I've been sitting on only needing to do Arah path 4 in order to finish out my dungeon master achievement but have had no luck finding groups to do it with. I'm going to set a time and I'm hoping that people will either respond in Lion's Arch or here and get it going. I've done each path at least once each and am well experienced with dealing with Lupi so I just wanted to toss out there I'm not new to Arah. That said I would appreciate people going to do path 4 with me also have decent experience. Path 4 is long and difficult and I want only serious party members!

    On that note, it would save me a lot of trouble if there is any guilds out there that are already planning on doing this dungeon and if so I would love an invite to dungeon with your guild, and perhaps join it. I've been searching for a primarily dungeoneering guild and it would be awesome if I found one here. I'm on Tarnished Coast.

    Attempt time:
    6pm Central Standard Time on Wednesday, December 5
    Meeting at:
    Lion's Arch
    Whisper Lord Puff or post below
    Experienced Arah dungeoneers

    I'll be hanging out in Lion's Arch probably starting around 5:15-5:30 and am hoping I'll get a group! Feel free to post below to reserve a spot.

    Thanks everyone! I'll edit this thread if anything changes.
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