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    12. Runes

    Here are some setups that’s valid options for an AH/hammer build and ofc its superior runes with one exception.

    5Ranger+1Lyssa (Get a decent crtchance in vit/pow/tough, they absolutely need these runes and if you get this don’t bother using anything else then critchance enhancers, 6*Lyssa is a very strong option)

    6Soldier (Usable in both berserkers and knights)

    6Dolyak (Great in knights with a constant increase in incoming heals. Small healthpools and high toughness benefits more from heals. Can also be used in berserkers but rune of the soldier are better suited for that)

    6Forge (20% protection duration and 10 sek protection when under 50% health works really well in knights and ofc berserkers)

    6Lyssa, all boons for 5 seconds after using an elite, works will all builds and gear. This is just great with renewed focus and virtues. Statwise it suits vit/pow/tough best since it needs precision.

    3monk+3water (useable in knights and ofc vit/pre/heal, 30% boonduration and 150 more in heals on every dodge)

    *2monk+2water+2*major rune of sanctuary* (See monk+water except you don’t get more than 50 extra in heals but 40% uptime on boons also great dps setup for vit/pre/heal gear)

    2strength+2fire+2Hoelbrak (berserker, knights and especially vit/pre/heal benefits greatly from these babies, max dps with berserkers but with these you can hit extremely hard with the heal gear and still dodge heal yourself for 1k per dodge.)

    6Dwayna (You get area regeneration for the team when using a healskill, super nice and goes really well with all gears actually. The paradox is that the smaller the healthpool the easier you fill it and the less you need this for you, see it as support, it’s not for you and you still get AH from regeneration on the team.

    2-4runes of vampirism (thx Fabsm for trying these out, I just started testing these and I don’t know yet if I like them but the concept of a lifeleecher is interesting even though I find the proccrate to be kind of low but I will get into sigils that leech so I thought I should mention these as well. They seem to work best with knights gear though)

    6Divinity. (Nuff said, great allround runes but god they are expensive. Not suitable for vit/tuv/pov though)

    If its just stats you are looking for then upgrades/orbs from BLT is enough and you get those for like 2 silver a piece. Runes are really just necessary in pow/vit/tough (max crit) and if you want a certain function they offer.
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