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    Stone Kick

    This week's Skills of Interest is a skill that I find very underwhelming, so I want to discuss with you its current state and the possibility to improve it a little bit without creating a balance problem: Stone Kick.

    Stone Kick

    Current GW2wiki description (8th December, 2012) :

    Wrap your foot in stone and kick your foe.

    Range: 600

    Traits affecting the skill
    Downed General Stone
    • None

    Change-log (since March 2012)

    • Started out with a 10 second recharge during the first beta.

    Skill assessment

    • Yes, this skill does pretty much nothing, except a little more damage than "Water Fist" (about 15% compared to the #1 skill on the drowned skill bar).
    • It is a ranged attack with 600 range, but under water there is a big chance, that you get to fight at melee range, so the medium range "Stone Kick" offers, does not really help to rally.
    • Compared to "Cheap Shot" (Thief - Push effect out of melee range) and "Kick" (Warrior - Cripple effect) this #2 skill does nothing except pure damage, which leaves me with the question, why?
    • To get it on par with the other "kicking skills", it should get a small bonus as well, like a 2 sec Vulnerabilty (to get a better chance to kill-rally) or a 2 sec Blind (to get a better chance to get away with a dodge roll or the charge up of "Steam Vent"). Anything else would most likely create a balance issue. Another way to make it a little bit better would be to reduce the recharge to 4 seconds, making it a bit faster to re-use than the Warrior & Thief kicks, which have a 5 second recharge.
    • Finally - change the icon. Too much recycling of icons on down bars across professions.
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    As it stands if I get downed underwater I will usually just give up. I am completely powerless to do anything except a bit of extra damage, if I get downed in PvP the opponent is most likely not downed which gives me absolutely no chance of a rally. In PvE I just pray I can DPS fast enough to kill an enemy which usually won't happen.

    Some sort of CC on Stone kick would be of huge use to give me those few precious seconds to rally and maybe I might find myself surviving underwater if I get downed.

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