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    Stone Kick

    This week's Skills of Interest is a skill that I find very underwhelming, so I want to discuss with you its current state and the possibility to improve it a little bit without creating a balance problem: Stone Kick.

    Stone Kick

    Current GW2wiki description (8th December, 2012) :

    Wrap your foot in stone and kick your foe.

    Range: 600

    Traits affecting the skill
    Downed General Stone
    • None

    Change-log (since March 2012)

    • Started out with a 10 second recharge during the first beta.

    Skill assessment

    • Yes, this skill does pretty much nothing, except a little more damage than "Water Fist" (about 15% compared to the #1 skill on the drowned skill bar).
    • It is a ranged attack with 600 range, but under water there is a big chance, that you get to fight at melee range, so the medium range "Stone Kick" offers, does not really help to rally.
    • Compared to "Cheap Shot" (Thief - Push effect out of melee range) and "Kick" (Warrior - Cripple effect) this #2 skill does nothing except pure damage, which leaves me with the question, why?
    • To get it on par with the other "kicking skills", it should get a small bonus as well, like a 2 sec Vulnerabilty (to get a better chance to kill-rally) or a 2 sec Blind (to get a better chance to get away with a dodge roll or the charge up of "Steam Vent"). Anything else would most likely create a balance issue. Another way to make it a little bit better would be to reduce the recharge to 4 seconds, making it a bit faster to re-use than the Warrior & Thief kicks, which have a 5 second recharge.
    • Finally - change the icon. Too much recycling of icons on down bars across professions.
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