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    D/D Condition Thief

    I posted this in another forum but I'd like also to hear the input of the community in here

    I've only reached Lv55 but I've been theorycrafting my thief's D/D build, since I play PvE I'm going for AoE bleed stacking. At first I had a nifty idea, use Assassin's Reward, Vigorous Healing and Signet of Malice to get a massive healing and vigor engine going on but after some research I found out that sadly those traits only work with skills and not traits so you don't get Vigor from Signet of Malice and Assassin's Reward procs, what you should get though is decent healing while doing DB with Signet of Malice from each attack, plus Assassin's Reward's healing on top of that from DB's initiative use.

    What I've come up with so far is a no brainer 30 points on Trickery for the Condition damage, using Uncatchable, Thrill of the Crime and Bountiful Theft.

    Also have 30 points in Acrobatics with Power of Inertia, Vigorous Recovery, Assassin's Reward (even if it doesn't stacks with the other trait, it serves as a Signet of Malice passive, healing ~70HP per Initiative spent)

    Now what I don't know what to do is: (1) Decide between Signet of Malice and Withdraw, Signet of Malice stacks nicely with Assassin's Reward, both healing quite a bit each time Death Blossom is used but Withdraw synergizes better Vigorous Recovery, meaning more dodges, more swiftness and might and less damage.

    (2) What to do with the remaining 10 points. I get no benefit from Shadow Arts because I'm not using Stealth, maybe Shadow Refuge and rarely Cloak and Dagger so my interest is in Critical Strikes and Deadly Arts. Critical Strikes would give me 5 stacks of Might on Signet use, coupled with Assassin Signet, Thrill of the Crime and Power of Inertia that's quite a bit of Might stacking but 10 points on Deadly Arts would give me more condition duration for the bleeds, poison and I guess some damage from Mug.

    What do you guys think?

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    Venomous Strength might be an option since venom effects would last longer. If you used Skale, you'd get the power from the line, the extra might, plus a more synergistic source of vulnerability so you'd be doing both terrific condition damage and decent power damage. And extra survivability from weakness to boot.

    Edit: Now that I'm not deliriously tired let me clarify. I'd test it out and see how easily you can keep 25 stacks (or whatever your goal is) of bleeding up. Adjust condition length until you reach that. It may be that you need to find 30 points to put there. If 10 points will do it after sigils and caltrops and etc, Venomous Strength would be an interesting option for the leftover 10 points (80 total).
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    I don't know if I'm using them wrong or if I need the Venom cool-down reduction trait for it to be effective but I can't find them much useful in PvE due to the long cooldown, I could only make them work in specific situations when I get a whole mob coming with waits in between mobs, such as in "Defend the Outpost" type of dynamic events

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    Admittedly I don't use them for the same reason, but I figure if you're going balls out on the conditions, it might be something to play with. A lot of good skills have long recharges and you wind up liking them despite thinking you won't.

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