During the GW1 heydays, we had a thread were we made up new skills, by re-using skill icons (remember the Star Trek look alike Ritualist icons?) or making fun of other skills.

I want to revitalize that tradition with a list of Elementalist skills that are massively over powered, funny or use skill icons from other professions in an Elementalist kind of way.


PS: Skill icons can be found on the official GW2wiki.


Metal Attunement

When switching into "Metal Attunement", every piece of scrap metal you have to pick up for a Heart Quest counts twice as much towards completing the task. If you are Iron Legion, each piece of scrap metal also gains you one copper coin.
During the duration of Metal Attunement, the ambient music changes to a random Manowar song.

Lava Breach

Type: Arcane 1 sec 60 sec
Description: Tear up the soil and shake the earth to burn you enemies and cripple their movement.
360 6 sec Burning 4 sec 4 Cripple Combo Field: Fire