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    MYSTathon - 24 hour gameathon for Child's Play with prizes!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm excited to announce MYSTathon, a 24 hour game-a-thon in Guild Wars 2 and DOTA2 to raise money for Child’s Play from 10am GMT on 22nd December by members of the Mystic Spiral [MYST] gaming community. We’ll be pitting our wits against the games and each other, knocking up at least 200 hours of gaming between our members in our first solo charity event. We're hoping to raise £1337 by being entertaining (read: we fail a lot) and with your help we'll reach our goal!

    We've also secured some great prizes for donators thanks to the generosity of our members and ArenaNet who sent us a bunch of goodies, including a copy of Guild Wars 2, t-shirts, books, mouse pad and more.

    For details on how to get your hands on these and more prizes, and to find out more about the event, head to our website.


    Because after 6 years of gaming together it is time for us to come together to do something that has wide ranging positive effects. We've had some involvement in events like Pink Day in LA (we helped to host on Aurora Glade), but this will be our first time attempting something on our own. And since our community is built around gaming, a game-a-thon is a natural step.

    We're raising money for Child's Play because of the wonderful work they do improving the lives of children in hospitals worldwide. By supplying hospitals with age appropriate gaming equipment, they allow children to take a break from the reality of their situation through a medium that we all enjoy on a daily basis.

    We’re hoping to raise at least £1337 and with your help we'll get there!

    What we'll be doing and when

    From 10 am on 22nd December until 10am on 23rd December we'll be playing Guild Wars and DOTA2, clocking up over 200 hours of gaming between 11 of our members. In Guild Wars 2 we'll cover nearly every aspect of the game, showing off (or failing at) dungeons, WvW, world bosses, jumping puzzles, sPvP, Wintersday and much more besides. There's a full schedule of what content we'll be doing when on our website

    You'll be able to keep up with the action on our website through 3 live streams, on Twitter and with a live blog on our website for those who can't tune in. You'll also be able to vote on what we do in game and there will be opportunities for people to join our parties live*.

    And of course we have our prize draws and give-aways. Donating $10 or more will enter you into prize draws (there are 3 different pools of prizes) and tune in for more live give-aways for both games. More details are available on our website.

    *We play on the Aurora Glade EU server. If you'd like to join us in game, you will need to be on an EU server or be willing to transfer worlds.

    Help spread the word
    Thank you and hope to see you on Saturday!

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    Dii, TRUE

    Very nice! Some cool stuff in there.
    Follow us on Twitter and be our friend on Facebook!

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