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    Post Guild Wars 2 World Records (High End PvE)

    Hello everyone,

    Today I present to you, Guild Wars 2 World Records (located at gwscr.com). Formerly known as Guild Wars Official Speed Clear Records, this is now the Guild Wars 2 World Records website, and community discussion forums.

    It is a site for guilds and individuals to share and claim ownership of accomplishments (records as we call them). In the past it has proven very competitive and has had a massive guild following from the high-end pve community.

    Think your guild completes CoE the quickest? Prove it!

    Think you can beat the listed times? Go out and try, and then post it and prove it!

    Guild Wars 2 World Records adds a new dynamic to end-game content and gives interested guilds an additional objective!

    How it works:

    After registering for an account at GWSCR.com, in addition to partaking in various discussion, you're free to post in the records section and claim a record. Typically you would post a starting screenshot of the dungeon/area you're claiming a record in with the in-game /age command visible, and then another /age screenshot at the end. This is so that the total time spent in the area can be determined by subtracting the difference in your account /age. In addition to receiving feedback from the community, your thread will be checked by our staff, and if it passes the checks, it will be added to the records table on our home page, and possibly overwrite a previously achieved record! The rules are simple and can be viewed in full, here.

    GWSCR.com history:

    End game PvE players of the original Guild Wars series had long sought to complete zones in the game as fast as possible. With the release of Eye of the North and subsequent PvE-only skills in 2007, the practice of rushing end game content evolved into what was was called the "Speed Clear." With the speed clear came the idea of records- player achievements focusing on who could rush areas the fastest and with the most intuitive tactics. GWSCR.com was born on September 21, 2011 and was quickly adopted by the speed clear community. At the peak of our activity, our over 400 members, made approximately 7000 posts resulting in the cataloging of over 500 records!
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