Hey all!

As you have probably noticed, we are in the process of doing some much needed overhauling at this place (stay tuned for more info ). And one of the things we are looking at is something you, our community, can help us with!

I am now talking about the forum avatar sets. These are the avatars the forum offers for members too lazy to go out and get their own.

As of now we only got two sets, and they are both ancient and truth be told not very exciting. But this can all change, with your help. Just post your avatar suggestions right here in this thread, and we will upload them to the forum for everyone to use!

The files have to be 75*75 pixels, or at least square so we can resize appropriately.

(Disclaimer; we wont upoad lewd material, nor avatars containing copyrighted material apart from GuildWars 1 or 2, but other than that it should be all good.)

Artsypartsy people; ENGAGE!