Very soon the Wintersday decorations will go up for the very first time in Guild Wars 2, and I was wondering what everyone think it will be like. I am totally looking forward to at least one Norn Santa (and maybe some Skritt helpers, I dont think any Asura would ever stoop to take on that role even though they kinda look the part ).

About the toys, I am guessing the toys will be racially themed, in which case I think the Charr one will be more most awesomest. I mean, steam punk toy! (Now I am of course assuming "one toy per city" which might not be the case. But I needed a poll for my thread, so this is the one I've speculated into being!)

I am just hoping that the "tour" will be somewhat flexible timewise, so that everyone realistically can get all the toys if they play the game at all. The wiki page is quoting exact times, but I hope those are only "arrival times" with some unique cinematic maybe, not a set time to get the actual goodies. (I really think ANet has learned from their Lost Shore finale fiasco. Besides, imagine the uproar if the times were on-time only. Several consecutive mid-morning work days for the entire PST time zones... yikes. ).