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    Yey, we climbed 4 positions. I guess we're gonna get steamrolled this week by the other two servers.

    And yeah, we haven't been blue for 2 months at least.

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    Yes. AG's meteroric rise was at my server's expense. Hello from Gunnar's Hold. Common news over here is that our biggest alliance KISS switched server to AG for that matchup, taking a couple of our other smaller WvW guilds with them. Their reason for doing this: to give some of their old teammates here on GH a good kicking, due to some people trolling them for switching to a US server, then coming back, a few weeks ago, "to teach us a lesson" according to KISS leadership. We got beat by AG last time we met, but by a much closer margin. Remains to be seen if KISS and co will stick with AG now. Good luck in your new matchup anyways.

    BTW, colour depends on server rank in your tier - highest rank = green, middle rank = blue, lowest rank = red. To play as blue, you need to be the middle ranked server in your group of three at the start of your new match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nkuvu View Post
    I do also think it's interesting that the first 13 spots of the NA servers didn't change rank at all this week..
    There are very predictable times that each server has people on. My world always loses our bracket easily, but get online during the hours that our guys are online and we own 80-100% of any given map. Those times when people are on define what your rank is. More steady WvW population = higher rank. Playing skill averaged across thousands of people is totally null.

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