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    The Balance Box: December 14th Update!

    Refraction: This skill is now a light field.

    Purifying Blast: This skill is now a blast finisher.

    Light of Judgment: Damage increased by 25%.

    Spear Wall: This skill is now a light field.

    Wrathful Grasp: This skill is now a projectile finisher.

    Spear of Light: Velocity has been increased by 50%.

    Empower: Skill fact has been updated to display the proper amount and duration of might.

    Spear of Light: This skill is now a small projectile finisher.

    Brilliance: This skill is now a whirl finisher.

    Purifying Blast: Added a radius skill fact.

    Unscathed Contender: Increased damage from 10% to 20%.

    Resolute Healer: This shield of absorption now causes knockback, but can only trigger once every 60 seconds.

    Vigorous Precision: Increased vigor duration to five seconds. This effect can now only trigger once every five seconds.

    Strength in Numbers: Now activates more quickly when entering combat, and scales from 0-70 defense instead of being capped at 30.

    Blind Exposure: Increased to three stacks of vulnerability.

    Shimmering Defense: Increased burn duration from three seconds to seven seconds.

    Binding Jeopardy: Increased vulnerability from three stacks at five seconds to five stacks at eight seconds.

    Updated Empower’s skill fact to display the proper amount and duration of might.

    Added a radius skill fact to Purifying Blast.
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