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    I just timed it. It was consistently 9 seconds for LA and 4 seconds for regular areas.

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    I uh...I've notice load times being kinda long. However, maybe it was my imagination, but I swear the higher level my character was, the longer the load times. I'm not kidding. If I log into one of my lowbies, it feels like I get right in (even in a city...cept LA). But my level 80 seems to take forever. Maybe I'll have to look at where I'm loading into on my other characters though, maybe it's just that I'm loading into low-pop zones.

    I wonder if getting a fresh .dat would help?

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    Mine are about the same times as Fluffballs. About 9 seconds for LA and 4-5 seconds for regular areas.

    The game is on a 2TB Seagate Barracuda XT (spindle speed 7200 RPM, data transfer rate about 149MB/s over SATA 6.)

    My CPU is an I7 2600K only slightly overclocked due to closed system liquid cooling mostly (I could overclock it more but I'm not willing to risk it.)

    Got 16GB of Corsair Dominator GT RAM @1866mhz

    And an EVGA GTX680 (superclocked signature with a spiffy but hardly ever looked at backplate.)

    ...not that I think that loading times really have anything to do with the graphics card. It all comes down to your SSD/HDD speed, bus width and how busy your system is at the time.

    I normally don't take any special precautions when running a game like GW2 because it's not much of a ressource hog though. But for more demanding games I will close down unnecessary background processes while the game is running.

    I would caution against that if you don't know what you're doing however.


    I forgot to mention that my internet is 90Mbps/90Mbps fiberoptic (at least so far as the box in my kitchen cabinet. From there it's just regular wired ethernet.)
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    my pc is simply reasonable:
    3i 3GHz
    2GB ram
    250 GTX 1GB

    it loads as fast as you would expect, around 20-40 seconds depending on how heavy the area is populated.
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    The load times have felt longer for me lately, especially to LA, but not as long as others in the thread. I can time it later, but to LA I would say maybe 20-30 seconds?

    I do agree that loading is annoying though, especially since it takes 3 loads to get to any of the non-LA cities, and you have to go through LA every time. (Yes I know you can go directly for a fee, but I do not like throwing money at nothing).

    Question is of course, how much of the load times are determined by the local setup, how much is the internet speeds from user to server, and how much is just the ANet servers themselves? Does it matter if you connect to the closest one, or if you connect transatlantic? We have seen a lot of computer specs, but not much in way of the other variables. Doing a few traceroutes could maybe be illuminating, but I have to look up on how to do that.

    Anyhoo, for me it is:

    i7 CPU X 980 @ 3.33GHz
    12 GB RAM
    GeForce GTX 570
    SSDs, both for OS and GW2 .dat (different ones)
    Through Wine on Arch, so my FPS is not as good as it could be on that hardware (usually sitting at around 25-30).
    On SBI, so connects from Sweden to the US.
    100MB fiber internet.

    [EDIT] Timed it. I load into LA in ~25 seconds. Do I have a great skill of estimation or what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lensor View Post
    Question is of course, how much of the load times are determined by the local setup, how much is the internet speeds from user to server, and how much is just the ANet servers themselves?
    My guess, at least for cities, is that it's ANet Server + Internet from Server.
    The cities are full of people, full of NPCs, full of peoples pets, etc... - all that must be transferred from the server to your PC - quite likely every single item at once, since you can go anywhere in town and not have a reload.
    (Except "home" district.)
    I think splitting the towns like in GW1 would help. But people much wiser than me (or at least better paid, and in a different job) have apparently decided that it is better this way.

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    I have a horrible wait when mapping, into cities especially.
    I always put it down to my 6 year old machine.
    I'll let you know how things improve/change with the new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    Christ, what do you have, a 3ghz Intel Xeon E7, with four GTX 690s in SLI?
    Not the slightest idea. I knew all about computers in college; I could take one apart and put it back together again, but I didn't keep up. Now I'm effectively an old person in terms of hardware knowledge. I'd have to check the sales receipt to see what I have.

    I bought the best computer HP was selling with the intention of keeping it for 10 years. For all I know there is a fairy inside this metal box, but it seems to go fast.

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    AMD FX-8120 Eight core 3.1mhz
    AMD 7950 3GB graphics
    256GB SSD
    10mb down Cable / 2mb up

    LA timed at 6 seconds

    When I was in the towns for Tixx and Toxx, it may have whet to 8 seconds.

    I think speed with multi cores and an SSD to crunch that data as fast as possible helps.

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    Don't know the exact specs, but roughly:
    Intel i7 CPU
    16 GB RAM
    SSD for Windows, normal disk for games

    I used to have two about 3 year old Geforce graphics cards in SLI and with these loading times were just a handful of seconds, waypoint inside same map/city was near-instantaneous.

    But due to low fps on events/crowded places, I've recently replaced those cards with a GeForce GTX690. Now while the game itself runs better overall, loading times are a pain ever since. It's like twice as much as before when changing maps and waypointing inside a city is even worse.

    Will try to get some exact measurement next time I play

    (Maybe someone with better technical understanding can make any sense of this, I just thought it's interesting cause it's exactly the same computer, no re-install, etc. and the game runs better except for loading).

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