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    Wintersday in GW2, what do you think?

    So far, I'm liking what I've had time to do.

    I have been doing the Tixx dungeon stuff. Made it to both the Grove and Divinity's on both my accounts. Very easy to group up with people and the dungeon is pretty forgiving and fast (15-20min easy).

    I didn't realize this until I was looking up a possible bug in the Smash the Town achievement, but I think the little miniatures on the ground are actually a representation of Tyria, with each major city represented. That was cool.

    The Tixx stuff itself is pretty easy without much fighting necessary. You really only have to defend a point for a few minutes and take down Toxx. The Grove version started with killing Tar Elementals, Divinity with present collection. You do have to take out turrents at one point too.

    Don't forget the chest in the middle when you're done. And it offers you webs or glue (you will need both to make a mini) and other stuff you'll need to make up to two minis (if you do all 5 days). Not sure what will happen once it gets to LA. Repeating will only get you gifts and the chest. Some decent exp too (only on first run) if you want it (got my mesmer from 70 to 72 doing the first two events.)

    It counts for your account, fyi.

    The Bells: If you've played and enjoyed Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you might like this. You pick an area, then which of 3 parts of a circle you want to do. I've heard that certain areas are easier than others. There will be 8 colored wedges leading down to the blue circle with a white border you are standing in. Once they pass the white line, you use the appropriate skill key (1-4, 6-9). Counts for two titles and sounds very pretty. Kind of peaceful. Sadly, the songs are just from the in game music. A few more recognizable Christmas songs would have been nice. There's a free play chance for a few minutes after the six songs you can play.

    I had some fun with this, but not being very musically inclined, I couldn't do much with the free play time, which I think would make this a lot more fun to do over and over. Some people were complaining of lag, but not sure if it was true or they were just making a joke about why they were making mistakes. I had no problems with lag, the bad playing was all my fault!

    Jumping puzzle: I love the design. I've tried it a few times and haven't gotten past the snowflake part. I'm pretty sure I'll get it eventually. However, the waiting area has piles of snowballs and you can have snowball fights with others while waiting. This is pure fun. I love this part of it. Dodging works too.

    I haven't done too much in PVE yet. I opened some boxes in the outside areas the first night, wasn't too hard. I hear the little princesses (which are also in the Tixx dungeon and wonderfully creepy, I think they have no faces, they cry and cower when hit and yet they do enough damage to kill you, very twisted...great stuff). Not sure about how they work in the PVE area, but in the dungeon they seem to be ranged only. If you could round them up and put a feedback bubble on them, I would think they'd die pretty quick.

    I haven't done the snowball PVP stuff yet and probably won't.

    I can't say I care for the gingerbread weapon skins. Are there more skins? I haven't checked yet.

    Over all, pretty happy with it so far. Looking forward to the next city when I get home later tonight.

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    It's missing *something* possibly a farm event? Not sure. I miss being able to just zone out and go hurrrrr and farm stuff whether it's going afk and licking doors in polar bear dungeon, or lobbing snowballs at NPCs.

    But other than that, having fun! It's definitely an event for dabblers. Sample some things, get what you need, go back to doing whatever it was you were doing.

    I'm hilariously terrible at the bells minigame, though can appreciate its fun-ness. I suck at rockband-y games, so yeah, that one wasn't for me. I could just about handle it on easy.

    The jump puzzle is definitely something people can make progress with compared to the mad king one, IMO. I FINALLY got it done today after trying for a while on the past few days. I could see myself making progress, whether it was actual linear progress, or just being able to nail the jumps on the path that had the candy cane beams that went down rather than up.

    The dungeon is neat too. The initial reward, and then a mini reward (with a bit of RNG thrown in) to lure people back in to help guildies and friends throughout the day.

    So far so good!
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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    i try to avoid it as much as possible, they focus way to much on hardcore grouping and speed racers for me to enjoy the event at all.
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    Hardcore grouping? I hope you meant groping? What kind of server are you on or are you Mr Supersensitive?

    Most people seem to take any group they get and it's not like the Dungeon is hard to finish.

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    Here goes Sorudo with wild claims again, totally different from my experience.

    If you server is elitist, change server. Join SBI, never had that happen to me there.
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    It would be absolutely trivial to solo that dungeon, who even cares if there is "hardcore grouping" (XXXXXTREME GW2).

    Also those present toys are ****ing wrecking my low level mesmer. I suck at playing ranged and/or casters, but still, those princess dolls are some badasses.

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    Enjoying most of it so far. Snowball arena isn't really my cup of tea, but I enjoy it more than the GW1 version. After doing a few more run of the jumping puzzle, I think it's actually harder than the clocktower in some ways. Once I managed to finish the clocktower, I was able to consistently succeed at it without trouble, but my performance with this one isn't as as good, even though I did complete it on my first try.

    It's probably because I can't rely on muscle memory, since there's 3 possible paths, and depending on the path I end up on, I won't arrive at the exploding gifts and rolling snowballs quite at the same time, so I can't just zone out. I have to keep paying attention to what I'm doing, otherwise I end up crushed under a snowball, or missing a jump. Clocktower difficulty was mostly psychological, Winter Wonderland difficulty comes from the little amount of randomness put into it. Waiting time is annoying though, it's even longer than the clocktower and I don't really care for the snowball fights.

    Bell Choir is fun. Tixx's infinirarium is nice enough. My only real complaint so far is that I don't have enough money to get an infinite hair-stylist contract. I NEED one of those things, but they're too expensive. I've got about 6 or 7 gold to my name. Hair stylists should have been an unlock anyway. Consumables, pfah! I hate consumables *grumblegrumble*
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    Tarnished Coast

    No problems with the dungeon for the Grove or Divinity's Reach, but we had some serious issues this evening in the Black Citadel. Primarily because we had two events going at once -- destroy the mortars (with the toy Ventaris defending them) and the toy soldier invasion. Sadly enough, we got the build message just before that all went kablooey, and we figured that we'd already made a fair bit of progress and didn't want to start over after the build. But according to the patch notes, that kind of thing was exactly what the build fixed.

    I still feel like I'm missing a whole lot, though. There have been people talking about tonics and such that I've not seen. No idea how you get them or what they do, but for a bit I was in Lion's Arch and people were discussing the endless tonics. Of something. Tonic-ness, I guess.

    And infinite hair stylist contract? The huh?

    I was initially disappointed that the weapon skins and recipes were so expensive with sock/hat/sweater currency. Even after playing a fair bit I don't have a full stack of any of them (and my ideal goal would be to get the weapon skins I wanted and recipes for all crafters). However the prices for those on the trading post have all been quite reasonable after the first day, so I was able to pick up exactly what I wanted. Hooray.

    The jumping puzzle... yeah, I know I won't complete it. Not too much of a surprise.

    The presents in the world are a mixed thing for me. On my lower level characters, they've been pure evil. My level 80 elementalist in rares had some trouble with the princess dolls (though no multiple death scenarios like I had on my level 3 character). But then my level 80 warrior in rare armor and with exotic weapons... tears through them like they're nothing. It's unbelievable how much of a difference it is. Of course I do have to admit that my warrior didn't go present hunting until after the build, so it's entirely possible that they toned down the difficulty in low level areas.

    I do agree with Fae, though, it feels like it's missing something. The Mad King's Labyrinth was nice for some random farming -- assuming you could find the zerg. The dungeons have lots of enemies but the need to form groups for it kind of kills the farming aspect. I'm not a fan of making farming parties, since I'll frequently get bored of farming and hop out to do something else. When Halloween was here I'd do ten to fifteen minutes of the labyrinth, then go do something else for a while. Then hop back, and... not a very convenient thing if you have to make multiple person parties all the time.

    I'm not sure about soloing the dungeon. Those waves of toy soldiers seemed to be rather large and dropped my character's health quite quickly when they all focused on me. But that could have been the mortars/Ventaris fighting too.

    Overall I am having a pretty good time and getting the rewards I want, even if the RNG gods are not smiling upon me.

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    Definitely missing a farm -- Toy apocalypse is up soon though, and I plan to group farm that thing with a few friends like the dickens. Having fun though, ANet is "refining" matching up the Gem Store with events. Not giving a whole lot of rewards for activities, just enough to have fun. The gold divide is getting bigger XD.

    I love Soule's Wintersday music this time around. I'd write some pretty nice music if given the chance -- composing for games is a nice gig as I've heard. Anyways, I am glad they kept the Carol of the Bells arrangement from GW1 -- love that one.

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    The Tixx dungeons so far seem a tad repetitive, but they are fast to complete so it's not a big deal. Wouldn't do repeated runs though.

    JP seems fine even for people not that adept at jumping (like me).

    In some areas, toy's popping out of the parcels seem to be on steroids and need to be toned down a little.

    With most (all?) rewards available through the gem store / TP, this feels less of a lottery than Halloween was, I'm glad Anet did this kind of improvement. Only downside is that you can only obtain two mini's per year without using the gem store.

    Haven't tried the bells yet and likely won't

    All in all it's a fun update.

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