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    Quote Originally Posted by CMEPTb View Post
    Definitely missing a farm -- Toy apocalypse is up soon though, and I plan to group farm that thing with a few friends like the dickens. Having fun though, ANet is "refining" matching up the Gem Store with events. Not giving a whole lot of rewards for activities, just enough to have fun. The gold divide is getting bigger XD.

    I love Soule's Wintersday music this time around. I'd write some pretty nice music if given the chance -- composing for games is a nice gig as I've heard. Anyways, I am glad they kept the Carol of the Bells arrangement from GW1 -- love that one.
    Actually, the music hasn't been composed by Soule. It's several others. They are available online, check them out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    what does this even mean
    Made for Speed Racer groupies?

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    Let's start with the bad:

    The Jumping Puzzle. I'd love to be able to finish it. The waiting time kills it for me though. I just cannot repeat it over and over without tearing my hair out. It's simply not fun if you fail at the start and then have to wait ages again before you can start again. I don't like snowball fights in real life and I don't like snowball fights in this game.

    The bell choir. I am terrible at this. I did read up how it works, but I still don't get it. I'm probably too stupid.

    The final title. There are 16 achievements to get, you need 12 for the title. If you cannot do the jumping puzzle, you must do a PvP one. And I tried, but I'm also too stupid to figure out how that works. So, no title for me. Thankfully, that means I can ignore the bell choir as well.

    The good:

    I like the presents in the world. Even those princess dolls. They give a nice challenge: how to get to the present and out again without getting killed The others are fine.

    I love the skins! Too bad not all weapons are included, I'd love to have a torch and axe skin. But my guardian now has a wooden sword

    But what I love most: Tixx's dungeon. This is exactly how I wanted the event dungeons to be. Fun to do, and achievable by everybody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nkuvu View Post

    And infinite hair stylist contract? The huh?
    Assuming this should be interpreted as "What are those things? I haven't heard of them" :


    Basically, it's a very rare drop from Wintersday Mystery Boxes.

    I'd actually be willing to pay real money for something like that. Just not the 70$ I'd have to pay to get one right now (they go for around 140 gold in the TP last time I checked). Maybe something like 8$. Buying mystery boxes is out of the question, it's a lottery item, a complete waste of money.

    Oh well, guess I'll keep saving gold and hope the price doesn't rise too much. Maybe I'll get lucky, get a really good drop somewhere that I'll be able to sell for a mountain of gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    Here goes Sorudo with wild claims again, totally different from my experience.

    If you server is elitist, change server. Join SBI, never had that happen to me there.
    so i have to do everything all over again, guild bank, guild armor, all the upgrades, etc.?
    no frikin way, i am not gonna change server just because the event sucks.

    btw, my "claims" as you put it is what i think of it, what you think of it is something i don't give a f*** about.
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    2nd star to the right

    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    I was hoping for some kind of quest chain, something at least similar to what we had in GW1 or for Halloween. That might still show up I guess.

    with all this speed racing talk.....

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    Dii, TRUE

    I posted my thoughts in the other Wintersday thread, but will summarize here: I like it, but I think Mad King was better.
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    I like it, but I'm kind of missing something to farm.

    Jumping Puzzle is nice and easier than Mad King Clocktower, though you need the same skills to complete it. Snowflake part is admittedly the hardest part, the rest relies more on knowing the right course of action and some timing. It's still very much doable.

    Bell Choir is fun too once you figure out how it's done. They should fix the rewards though, accidentally hitting 0 between songs is enough to reduce your end reward.

    Looking forward to the next dungeon and Toypocalypse. I find it weird that no finale event has been announced though. Also missing Dwayna vs Grenth theme.

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    Dii, TRUE

    The snowflakes were all right, could be a little frustrating. But the exploding presents annoyed me more than anything. Also, when I would get slowed and miss a jump OR when I died just as I had to jump into the present.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The King of Dust View Post
    Assuming this should be interpreted as "What are those things? I haven't heard of them"
    Precisely. Thanks for the information.

    And I agree with you. I had some gems saved up and bought two Wintersday Mystery Boxes, was thoroughly unimpressed with the contents to want to spend more for more chests. And even if I'd known about the hair contract, I doubt I'd be willing to take my chances with the chest.

    However for me, the price is most likely always going to be too high (using in game coin). There's no way I could justify spending 140 gold. Well, maybe this time next year. But until then I have tons of other things to spend gold on that are higher priority for me than hair.

    On the bell choir:

    I'm horrible at it, but did finish both achievements. I missed a whole lot of notes, but eventually hit 500 correct ones. I never did figure out the timing. Instructions say to hit the note when it gets to the center and stops, but I did that and took damage. So I'd try earlier, and often took damage. No idea. On the first night, I even had some notes disappear halfway down the "track" to the center. Then took damage.

    Still, the penalty for failure is nowhere near as severe as the jumping puzzle, so I could keep trying. And as mentioned, eventually get 500 correct notes (I completed the "number of songs complete" achievement long before getting correct notes).

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