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    The sword trait is because the other tier 1 traits of that line don't appeal to me. I can easily swap for a trait giving phantasms fury or adding some effect to blocking.

    The lack of tier 3 traits is because none of the tier 3 traits excite me. I might be missing something. I find there's lots of fun tier 1-2 traits, but all the tier 3 ones sound meh. A lot have to do with mantras (which I don't care for) or interrupting (which I don't want to rely on because I find it hard in GW2 to do it well, it was already difficulty in GW1 for me). There's some fun ones in inspirations or illusions.

    I didn't realize I had two break-stun skills. Nice. I just love them because they give more clones (and sometimes, stealth is good to get out of trouble in WvW).


    Comments about your build...

    1) You've got a lot of minor traits! Not good or bad, just an observation. I try to get as many major traits as I can, not sure it's a good thing.

    2) Phantasmal defender, I didn't find it very good. I used it for a while, but then switched to decoy instead. I find if you produce enough clones, you don't really need the extra life on illusions, or the extra defender, it gets redundant. imo of course.

    3) Signet of illusions: interesting... how do you use it? Is it more for the passive, or the active? Or it depends on the situation?
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