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    One nice thing with the scepter is getting the timing right getting 10 stacks of confusion on an enemy for a second or two and watching their red bar go down.

    Sword I preferred when attacking objects that had to be destroyed.

    I've been using the confusion build for the last couple of days and I seem to be killing faster. Thanks for the tips Raye and everyone else. Much appreciated.

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    Conditional in that sense but it's also a field for combo. Plop it down and have your duelist shoot through it for example...
    Mmmm. That's right. Once again, I wish the mesmer had better running options. I need to remember to swap out the focus for the pistol before fighting.

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    The focus phantasm is pretty good IMO and the #4 skill is quite handy in fights for kiting or as a mass interrupt.

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    Oh I keep forgetting that you can double-tap #4 for a different effect. Sweet.

    And yes, the focus phantasm is high-damage if you manage to hit a spot where foes will stay. Afaik he also blocks shots so it's good protection too.
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