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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    oh, i have a small fix when you're close to the mystic forge but you can travel to your server, jump and travel in mid air.
    sometimes when you travel to your server you're stuck in the ground, it mostly happens around the mystic forge but it sometimes happens in the open world which forces you to spent coin just to play again.
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    This should be added to the map for when you mouse over, no reason not to!

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    After using the gates to the main cities from Lion's Arch for a while it is pretty easy (for me) to remember which is where. I also know the 2 gates in Rata Sum that go to Lion's Arch & Metrica Province and the gate in Fort Trinity that goes to the Chantry of Secrets. These are about all I need unless doing personal story and then I just look for the green asterick.

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    Dii, TRUE

    I don't know why they didn't label the map. I get so lost in Rata Sum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RD View Post
    I don't know why they didn't label the map. I get so lost in Rata Sum...
    If you are just trying to find your way from the Lion's Arch gate to the Metrica Province gate or vice-versa all you have to remember is to go by the vista which is between those 2. Also the Lion's Arch gate is in the green part of the map that doesn't show the gate symbols clearly.

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