Finding it difficult to get into a tier 1 NA server?

Then why not join a EU tier 1 server instead?

Seafarer's Rest (EU Tier 1 server) is looking for some American and Oceania GUILDS to come and help out with WvW.
SFR server is 24/7 WvW with server wide Teamspeak3 and forums. Guilds are organized into map areas at the beginning of each WvW reset and event planning is available. There are non-stop zerg fights 24/7 so regardless of the time, activity is not a major issue but being a medium populated server (most guilds are WvW or PvX - we don't have many PvE only guilds here), there is plenty of room for guilds wanting to experience high end WvW.

So why not come over and kill some Europeans?

Upon joining the server, give a shout in WvW map chat to announce your presence and full server details TS3/forums etc. will be given along with a BIG welcome.

Individual players wanting to join the server for high end WvW can find a list of guilds upon request in WvW map chat or join my own guild at -