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    Collection of Crafting Guides

    Making this just a general crafting guides thread. Feel free to post any guides you find!

    So this was posted on reddit earlier, it basically gives you a crafting guide based off the current prices in the TP in order to level cheaply. I think this can be very very useful, I don't want to butcher the legend so I'll just quote everything the poster wrote on reddit:

    Notice I have had the script under suggest 1 time(was 40 xp short from next tier) and over suggest by 1-2 2 times. If you notice the number of crafts suggested does not match what you actually need please mention in this thread. Thanks.

    What is this? Dynamic crafting guides for Armorcrafting, Huntsman, Leatherworking, Tailor and Weaponcrafting via discovery for exp. All 5 guides are built dynamically based on current TP prices for insignia, base mats and fine mats. I made this script in my spare time for some friends, once this version can be considered stable I will release the code for my python script.
    All 5 guides choose crafts per tier based on the xp formula used in game. If you ever find yourself short on a craft please mention in the thread and provide a copy of the relevant section, I have tested as best I can on an overflow server but I can't test all possible scenarios this script generates.

    These scripts should generate the lowest cost method of leveling each craft. The advantage to this guide is it is dynamic meaning the guide will change as prices on the TP change. Total expected costs are displayed for each tier as well as for the whole guide. One disadvantage is that the script assumes there are "infinite" of an item at a given cost, so if they all get bought up, or there is very few available during the 30 minute window prices will be wrong.
    I run a cron job that updates these guides about every half hour assuming the computer running the script is on and gw2spidy is reachable. Makes 205 requests to gw2spidy.com for prices. The guides will have a time stamp on the first line for the last time they were ran.


    Q) Won't these guides be wrong once everyone buys out the insignia?
    A) These guides dynamically suggest crafting or buying insignia based on current TP prices. They will adjust as prices change.

    Q) Do you consider recrafting an item after discovery for more exp?
    A) No. Maybe after I finish work on the other 3 crafts, since they will require this consideration.

    Q) Various questions about crit rate/chance.
    A) This script assumes a 0% crit rate, so crits may reduce the number of crafts needed.

    Q) What does 'shield' actually mean? Why are Large and Small Haft listed but not other parts
    A) Various item pairs(Ie shield backing and shield boss, or dagger hilt and dagger blade) are listed as a single item in the craft guide if the two components are obvious. Axe/mace/hammer etc require an "unspecified" haft that you would only figure out through trial and error. So when you go to do the discovery, put the axe head(etc) in first and it will show you which haft to use.

    Q) What does "Level: 0 t1_fine1_malign{craft)_torch" mean?
    A) To get the experience to move from the level 0 tier to the level 25 tier, you need to combine 1 fine malign jute insignia with the 2 parts of a torch on the discovery pane. The buy/craft was a reminder of the source of the insignia in case you forgot to get it prior to that step. This will be cleaned up when output is changed to a format other than a .txt file.

    Q) What does "lw" in lw_boot(and ac_boot, tl_boot, etc) mean?
    A) Because of how the item list is generated, every item needed an unique name. This bookkeeping method will be hidden once I start outputting a web page.

    Q) Can I reuse or link to your guides?
    A) Yes, just be aware the current output will be changing. I will be releasing the code that generates these guides 'soon.' Also please provide proper attribution ( xanthic.9478 and a link to this post ).

    Q) What language is this written in?
    A) Python 2.7.3 and is being ran as a cron job on Linux Mint 14. The plan is to have the crafting guide output as a json file and then anyone can read from it with jQuery or whatever method they want to use.

    Q) Various questions about considering TP sell values or adding vendor cost recovery.
    A) I am an individual person and unfortunately adding those features is a lot of work that I don't have time for. Also adding TP sell values would add risk to the guide price, as prices would balance out and stagnate removing the ability for some people to recovery costs that way and thus making their run through the guide several silver more expensive.

    Q) How can I donate?
    A) This guide would not be possible without gw2spidy, there is a donation button on their page. If you really want to donate to me, paypal email: xanthic42 via gmail.com. But please only donate if you really want to for the version that is already here. I wrote this for friends and then decided to share the work aka donations will not influence any possible future work, just my friends asking for stuff.

    This guide is being tweaked to output to a web page instead of a .txt file. Links will be updated when that happens. -- Currently teaching myself html/css >.<
    Finally thank you to the people that created guides before me; Qorthos, pwnuniversity, gw2wiz and guildwars-2-crafting. I wouldn't have had the idea to write this without your guides providing a template for me to build from.

    To be Fixed: Bronze ingots are 5 ingots per 10 copper ore and 1 lump. Meaning there is 1/5th the number of refines when copper is used and you will need to buy up to the next 10x multiple of copper. This should be fixed by the 25th.
    His reddit username is xanthics if you want to pm him with questions or something. The link to the reddit thread can be found here.
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