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    How would YOU change Guild Wars 2? [clearings house]

    I've read through many (& seen many more) threads discussing various aspects of the game, & how they might be tweaked, re-balanced or generally improved.
    I thought it might be handy to have a common thread to discuss & positively critique the current state of the game, making suggestions that we believe are of genuine merit.
    If there are things we (at least a majority) agree on, this could become an open letter from the community to ANet.

    So here's the scenario; You've won a multiple roll-over lottery, bought ANet, & you're sat with the whole team. What are your instructions? What would YOU change?

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    Good question. I would change one thing.

    Regions/Servers for PvE. I'd abolish them. It's stupid that PvE rewards for guilds are server bound. It's even worse that you can't even mail somebody from another region. It really makes me wonder if we can actually guest across regions...

    Regions and Servers for PvE was the most stupidest thing ANet could have introduced into GW2. Maybe if this had been their first game and there hadn't been a community already... But it isn't their first game and there has been a community growing for the last 7 years. And that community is now torn apart due to this stupid decision of them to create fixed regions and fixed servers.
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    Add a way to re-connect when in personal story instances.

    That's it for now.
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    How would YOU change Guild Wars 2? [clearings house]

    1. Alliances
    One of the stated aims of the GW2 team was that the game should be more social. Alliances were & are a great way of achieving this.
    Having multiple characters in multiple guilds, or representing different guilds means you can only communicate with that 1 guild at a time. Reducing the players community size & the social element of the game. Groups of strangers mobbing for dynamic events isn't social, the communication rarely goes further than "ty" "np" when someone is being revived.

    2. Guild Halls
    These would be a great place for guild mates to meet up, plan a dungeon run or other event.

    3. Black Lion Reps - more of them
    Especially as we're now charged for map travel. After all there were Xunlai chests everywhere, even in the realm of torment. The banks aren't exactly in a bad way any longer, now they've been given all our money, & black lion isn't even a real bank. So could we have a few more branches opening soon.

    4. Free Map travel within a region
    You've already set the precedent with cities. Having to run everywhere to 100% a map is a pain & is slowing more casual players progress. I understand the intention is to prevent the hardcore players building up McDuck like piles of plat & panel upon panel of ecto, & pricing everyone else out of whatever new shiny is out, but that isn't what's happening, & this would give a real boost to those players.

    5. Weapon choice
    I know that GW2 is not GW, but it is a sequel, & for me (who enjoys a fair bit of in game roll play) the options & restrictions need to make sense building on from GW. In GW I could weild any weapon I liked, so why not now? Why have Mesmers (for example) forgotten how to use a bow? Especially as they're the class of the gentry, & we use bows & rifles all the time!

    6. Skill bar flexibility
    Why does my elite have to be '0'? Why can I not arrange my skills as I choose?
    I know I can rebind keys in the options however I like, but seriously? Come on! That is a horribly cludgy work around.

    7. Weapon skills
    It would be nice to be able to choose 3+2 or 5 weapon skills from a wider selection. This would give us much greater flexibility in the build we play.

    8. More skills.
    It would be great if we had more skills. Especially Hex's. Hex's were great & should be introduced.

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    Separate PvP and PvE achievements. Some achievements can benefit from both but need to be doable with only one.

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    My changes:

    1. Waypoint travel cost should a) either be free, when you are standing in one or scale with the map level/distance and not your own level

    2. Cross-Server-Mail is something we need! Now! No need to argue.

    3. Small and multi server guilds are screwed at the moment (what Rhonwyn already explained), as the servers have torn apart a community that has grown over 7 years. We even have to research our own upgrades, which means servers with less people can't get the same upgrades as their guild members on the "big server". Bonus upgrades to not make a sense at all: e.g. for my Aurora branch of [Dii] the +5% Influence boost only has a profit if the people accumulate a min. of 2k of Influence in 24h. Everything less will not cover the cost of the 100 point research. With 2 points per activity, this means that the "casual group" of just doing their daily achivement has got to be 200 member strong (you need 5 events for the daily)!

    4. My solution for 3. with the help of 2.
    Allow people from Server A to buy a "Guild letter of commendation" with Influence and mail it to a person on Server B. This way, a guild leader(officer could balance out the Influence over servers.

    5. Respawn tweaks
    Some areas tend to respawn/reset foes after an event chain at not the best pace right now. An area should not be repopulated by dozen of creatures within a blink of the eye.

    6. Fix the Monthly Survivor, so it does not reset your progress, when zoning (Ii think they already know this bug)
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    Quote Originally Posted by EnoughAlready View Post

    This is really just a thread for you to voice your own gripes.
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    How would YOU change Guild Wars 2? [clearings house]

    I want this to be a positive & constructive thread.
    No ranting. You'll notice I've left off any of my own vitriol.
    I'd also hope people will stay on topic, & post about how THEY would change GW2, rather than pic holes in others suggestions... but this is the internet, & I'm a realist

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    There's only one thing I'd want to change, and that's adjusting the waypoint costs, cos right now they're a wee bit silly.

    I agree with the making-guilds-properly-international-guilds thing too, but that's less of a concern to me personally.
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    I would add an international server and make it open to anyone no matter their home server.

    That is all.

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