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    Aggroculture [AGGR]: Oceanic and SEA Gaming

    Aggroculture is recruiting more Guild Wars 2 Players
    We are an group of Oceanic and South East Asia Players that is looking for more members to contribute long term to our gaming community. Currently we have around 100 active Guild Wars 2 players with a mix of PvX, PvE and WvW players. We are located on the Jade Quarry Server.
    We wish to provide our members a great enjoyable gaming experience. We would like to tell you that most important thing of being part of a community is to have FUN and to ENJOY your time in Aggroculture.

    What you need to know before applying:
    • Our guild operates mainly in the timezones of GMT+8 (SEA) and GMT+11 (AUS), with afternoon to late nights our prime time.
    • We encourage members to learn, develop and improve
    • We value both friendship and gaming quality equally, collectivism and the building of long term network with our gamers within our community.
    • Communication is important. We encourage the use of the forums and Teamspeak, especially during WvW sessions.
    • English is the priority language used. We understand however that not everyone has perfect english.
    • We do not tolerate racism and drama. We expect a high level of respect among members.

    How to Apply:
    Fill out an application form at http://www.aggr-gaming.com/recruitment. All detailed applications will be considered. Hint: Use sentences.
    For more information:
    Contact Ooze , Mesmerise, Archa or Brian Shray in game.
    Hope to see you in game!
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